When most people think of “wearable technology” they think of consumer products like the Apple smartwatch or Google Glass. At Triax, however, we see it as an answer to a problem that has long plagued the industry: Worker safety. Our Vice President of Marketing, Lori Peters, wrote about safety challenges on site, how wearables provide crucial visibility, and how jobsite technology is improving safety. Read the full piece on Autodesk BIM 360’s “Connect and Construct” blog and get a sneak peek below:

“Some of these benefits can be seen in the use of Spot-r at a 12-story New York City housing project. During Spot-r’s first month of use, it recorded 13 potential safety incidents. After several days of recording fall data from a particular zone, the assistant safety superintendent determined that several workers were jumping into a 3-foot pit, instead of using the ladder that was a few feet away.

The super used the information to engage the workers in a larger conversation about the company’s commitment to safety, and reinforce the company’s safety best practices.”

Read the “Connect and Construct” blog post here.

Download our case study here to learn how one NYC contractor cut down evacuation drill time by 72% with the Spot-r EvacTag.