When it comes to delivering world-class innovation and service to the construction industry, the three i’s of installation, identification, and insurance quickly sum up Spot-r by Triax’s ability to provide total worksite visibility and mitigate risks. Here’s what you should know about our connected jobsite solution:


When it comes to implementing new jobsite technology, contractors and system administrators often worry about complicated, involved installations and deployments. At Triax, we take pride in developing intelligent, effective technology that provides value at all levels of an organization. Our dedicated account managers install, deploy, and actively maintain the entire Spot-r system over the course of your project. Once a contractor submits project drawings, Triax maps the site to ensure maximum connectivity and visibility, and then monitors the network once it’s up and running to ensure you are maximizing the system. Spot-r is also designed to scale with your project, so network hardware can easily be added as floors and structures go up. While Triax will handle installation, the system is designed so that we don’t have to, and Spot-r EquipTags and Spot-r EvacTags, in particular, are plug-and-play, meaning they can easily tag onto nearly any piece of equipment and surface and paired to begin working.


Spot-r was built to enhance jobsite safety and provide workers with an intuitive tool to participate in site safety. By collecting real-time slip, trip, and fall data, and alerting designated supervisors to incidents as they occur, crew leaders can improve their response to potential injuries and reduce the risk of compounding injuries. The push-button allows workers to report site hazards, other injuries, or signal distress in real-time without leaving their post. Automating – and improving – traditional “stop work” cards, the Spot-r Clip enables workers to actively participate in risk and hazard assessment and work alongside supervisors to identify, assess, document, and manage jobsite hazards.

In addition, real-time data helps with risky behavioral modification. During the excavation phase, one of our contractors was able to identify a worker who was jumping into the excavation pit instead of using the ladder, which gave the supervisors an opportunity to intervene and reinforce safe practices. Here’s what NYC-based Lettire Construction Corp. had to say about using the Spot-r safety system on site:

“Once we started using the devices, we realized that one of the key, unexpected benefits is being able to identify and point out risky behaviors before an incident occurs.” – Bernard Ruf, Director of Operations (via Modern Contractor Solutions)


Safety continues to be a top priority for contractors and the larger construction industry. One in five – 20% – of private industry fatalities occur in construction. And safety issues continue to cost the industry a disproportionate amount. The average cost of a single non-fatal injury in construction is $27,000 – nearly double the $15,000 average cost for the same injury across other injuries. What’s more, according to the Liberty Mutual Risk Index Report, slips, trips, and falls in the workplace across the country cost an average of nearly $18 billion in 2016, collectively.

Spot-r changes the way risk managers assess, manage, and cover jobsite risk. In October 2017, Triax received a Business Insurance Innovation Award for innovative risk management solutions. With standard, accurate safety incident data across project sites and organizations, insurers can proactively manage risk, respond to incidents, and improve future training. Furthermore, with real-time notification and communication between workers and supervisors that a safety incident has occurred, key stakeholders have the information they need to improve overall response to situations. With fewer and less severe incidents, MOD ratings (which are used as a proxy for future risk) declines and overall insurance premiums can go down.

With a focus on easy installation (and maintenance), real-time and early identification of risk or safety incidents, and relationships with insurance companies, Spot-r is helping the construction industry build smarter and safer than before.