Construction is an economic driver, estimated to grow globally by 67 percent from $7.2 trillion today to $12 trillion by 2020. Despite this rapid growth, the industry continues to struggle with challenges that other industries have long overcome, including a lack of visibility and business intelligence across jobsites and project participants. In this piece for CONEXPO-CON/AGG, Triax CEO and co-founder, Chad Hollingsworth, wrote about how increased construction activity, complex projects and a skilled labor shortage are driving contractors to embrace jobsite technology to boost safety. Check out a highlight below and read the full article here.

The connected job site serves like a protective dome over the work site by collecting data, searching for irregularities, and alerting supervisors—and workers—to situations that require attention. As the connected jobsite becomes more pervasive, firms will benefit from increased safety and business intelligence, enabling them to meet growing construction demand safer and more efficiently than ever before.

Read the full CONEXPO-CON/AGG article here.