To celebrate Construction Safety Week 2018, Triax asked its employees what they do to promote safety on – and off – the jobsite. Why is it important to promote safety? Who is affected by safety, and what is your safety pledge to ensure we are “Stronger and Safer Together”?

Matt Davis, VP of Sales:
A true “safety culture” requires participation from everyone, regardless of their role. Accountability for your own safety, and the safety of others, promotes an environment where people can thrive.

Pete Johnson, Client Engagement Specialist:
Each individual on a jobsite is responsible for making safe choices, and I promote safety for the good of workers, their families, the GC, subcontractor companies, insurance companies – strength in numbers. It’s more important to go home safely than it is to finish the job quickly.

My Safety Pledge is to never compromise my safety or that of others by wearing all of the required PPE – hardhat, glasses, vest, gloves, boots – when I am on site and educating workers about Spot-r and its safety components.

Construction Safety

Phil Epifano, National Account Manager:
When we are prepared, we are stronger and safer together. Understand your work flow each day and consider the possible risks. When I’m on site, I constantly check my surroundings and correctly use my PPE. Construction is a team-oriented industry, and it is responsibility of everyone on site – not just the GC/CM – to make it home safely for their families.

My Safety Pledge is learning from mistakes and implementing changes on future sites to eliminate the risks.

Tom Ludorf, Director of Field Engineering:
You can’t watch your own back. Safety must be worked towards by all in order for any single person to be safe. When we take a bite out of complacency, we are stronger and safer together.

James Caruso, Client Engagement Specialist:
My Safety Pledge is to increase safety awareness to as many people as possible. When I am on site, I make sure I am fully compliant to all safety standards in order to lead by example. Everyone is affected by unsafe choices, and we all want to go home the same way we arrived, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this happens.

BONUS: What simple choice can be made each day to set the stage for safety? “Keep all of your PPE together in one place and treat it as an extension of your tools as you can’t do your job without either.”