To celebrate Construction Safety Week 2018, Triax asked its employees what they do to promote safety on – and off – the jobsite. Why is it important to promote safety? What simple choice can be made to set the stage for safety and why are we “Stronger and Safer Together”?

#MySafetyPledge is to hold myself and those around me accountable to thinking, working, living and walking a safe life in our daily environment. Everyone is responsible for safety, but it’s important to start with yourself. Check into that mindset each day to ensure that you are operating safely and that we all go home each and every night in the same condition or better than when we left that morning.

Why is safety important and whose responsibility is it to promote? Safety is important whether you “work to live” or “live to work.” Awareness, education, training, safe choices – it sounds extreme, but it is the sum of those actions day in and day out that determines whether or how you go home to your friends and family and return the next day to do what you love.

What simple choice can be made each day to set the stage for safety? At a minimum, begin each day thinking about the environments that you will be in that day. What potential hazards or unsafe conditions might you come across and how you can minimize or eliminate them? Best practice is to do a quick mental check-in and prep each time you arrive at a new job site.

Why are we stronger and safer together? If something happens on site, we depend on the person next to us to help and vice versa. When we create a culture of safety, we multiply the numbers of “eyes” looking out for every person on your team or job. Technology can help with this process. For workers on site, the Spot-r Clip’s push-button allows workers or bystanders to report an unsafe condition, issue or other injury without leaving their work area. For supervisors, Spot-r’s real-time worker location by floor and zone provides a comprehensive view of what’s happening on site. With automatic fall event notifications or worker-generated alerts, supervisors can go straight towards a potentially injured individual or issue.

Justin Matheny is a Strategic Account Manager for Triax Technologies based in Denver, CO. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email