Triax understands the complexities of an active construction site, which is why we work every day to automate processes, boost efficiency, unlock actionable insights, and provide value to our clients. A dedicated project team works with you from pre-deployment/ground break all the way through project completion. Today, we’re introducing you to a member of our Field Operations team, Client Engagement Specialist Mike Leonetti.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in construction. What excited you about working as a Client Engagement Specialist at Triax?
I worked in construction for two years as an assistant project manager for a General Contractor/Construction Management company based in Fairfield County, CT. What excites me about the Client Engagement Specialist role is working with and helping people. In this role, I can directly make individuals’ jobs easier and safer.

How did your former company approach technology at the jobsite?
My former company did embrace some project management software, but that was the extent of tech used at that company. Speaking from personal experience, if we had Spot-r on my job sites it would have made my life much easier. As the assistant PM, it was my responsibility to prepare all daily, weekly and monthly reports. If we were using Spot-r, I could have automated many of these reports and spent more time focusing on the job itself.

What is your role as Client Engagement Specialist? What’s the most challenging and rewarding part of the job?
The primary job is client satisfaction, which means something different to every client. Our job is to diagnose what our customers’ needs are and consistently meet/exceed them.

The biggest challenge is resistance to change. These GCs and CMs have been successfully running their business for years by doing things a certain way. Change is never easy, but seeing these clients embrace our technology and come back with success stories – like how pulling an OSHA certification report was so much easier with Spot-r – it makes it all worth it.

What are the top questions you get asked on site?
Workers ask, “Does this know exactly where I am, all the time?” Spot-r is a zone-based safety system. The idea is to place workers within a zone in the event that you are injured or send an alert to your supervisor for help. By placing workers in zones, your exact location isn’t revealed, but once someone gets into that zone you will be in visual or vocal range, so help can get to you quickly.

Supers and PMs want to know if Spot-r is going to create more work for them. Adopting anything new always takes a little effort in the beginning, but once you are used to the system, you see just how user-friendly it is. When Spot-r is used to its full potential, we can identify efficiency leaks or productivity holds-ups, we can automate reports, and we can quickly locate workers, which saves you more time and makes you more productive on-site.

Mike Leonetti takes the NHEO “Building a Safer Future” campaign pledge

#SafetyWeek Bonus: How do you promote safety when you’re on site?
By setting a positive example and practicing what we preach. Always wearing PPE correctly and making sure that every move we make on-site is well thought out and safe.