In this byline for Construction Business Owner, Triax’s Chad Hollingsworth discusses how the data created by IoT devices on the jobsite provides unprecedented visibility into safety incidents and hazards.  

Construction is a low-margin industry facing a skilled labor shortage and increasingly complex, fragmented projects. While every project is unique, with countless moving parts and diverse physical, environmental or regulatory challenges, that doesn’t mean lessons learned at one site can’t be applied to the next. By failing to capture, unlock and employ insights from one project to the next, owners and contractors miss out on a critical opportunity to make the industry safer, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

So, how do you unlock insights from one site to better plan and manage projects across your portfolio? It starts with the ability to automatically capture data from the jobsite. By leveraging the internet of things (IoT) to systematically measure commonalities across sites, construction business owners can better analyze and learn from these issues and share strategies to improve project outcomes across their organization.

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