In this article for Forbes Technology Council, Triax Technologies’ Justin Morgenthau discusses how leveraging IoT technology enables the construction industry to build safer and smarter. 

Construction is booming, and with growing population and increasing urbanization requiring new homes and offices to be built, industry momentum shows no signs of slowing down. Despite increasingly sophisticated structures, construction remains one of the least digitized industries.

If you drive by any construction site, it’s astounding to see the flurry of activity — with hundreds of workers in a structure that changes daily — still operating in much the same way it did 40 or 50 years ago. But what worked then is no longer feasible today. Imagine how difficult it is for supervisors to know which workers are on site and which tasks are being completed, or to communicate safety incidents or other hazards when they are relying on paper time sheets, daily logs, emails and other antiquated solutions. This reliance on manual processes limits visibility, analysis and reporting, and impedes improvement.

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