Until recently, there has been no easy way for supervisors and managers to know which workers are on site, where they’re located or when a safety incident has occurred – whether 5 floors or 15 miles away. What seems like a given, especially in our instant connection personal lives, has remained a challenge in construction, due in large part to the fast-moving, physical nature of a jobsite.

Traditionally, this has left workers on site to rely on labor-intensive processes, paper records, and other point solutions to track down and document vital project information. This affects communication as well as productivity and safety on site, which only increases as you move up the project chain or across an organization’s entire project portfolio. Without an integrated digital solution, vital project information, such as which subs are on site or if a safety incident has recurred, remains locked at the jobsite in spreadsheets and binders or filing cabinets, unavailable for real-time analysis and implementation.

This is where construction’s emerging technology ecosystem is making huge strides. In the last twelve to eighteen months, the rise of IoT-enabled solutions has enabled a smarter jobsite, telling builders how workers, equipment and tools are interacting in real-time. Wearable technology like Spot-r automatically clocks workers in and out of the jobsite, providing total man hours by worker, trade and sub, and detects worker falls, providing an objective record of when, where, and from what height an incident occurred.

This becomes truly powerful, however, when technology providers team up to integrate their solutions. On the jobsite, no one has time to switch between multiple platforms and manual double-entry is not only time-consuming but error-prone. Data is only as good as where it comes from and when and where it’s available.

The integration between Spot-r and Procore, which launched in August 2017, reflects each organization’s commitment to interoperability and building out the construction technology ecosystem. Together, the Spot-r and Procore integration enables contractors to identify real-time subcontractor/trade headcounts and worker locations; to automatically sync worker hours to the Procore platform, streamlining time-keeping and cost-coding; and to easily identify and document safety incidents.

Additionally, this integration automates user and project set-up between the two platforms, allowing Spot-r users to pull existing project information into the Cloud-based dashboard from Procore’s platform.

Use the Spot-r platform with Procore to accurately:

  • Track time and attendance by trade/job function or subcontractor – without the need for manual input via the Daily Construction Report or Daily Log Manpower Report
  • Track safety incidents for all workers via the Daily Log Accident Report

To activate the integration, current Spot-r customers should contact their Client Engagement team or email spotrsales@triaxtec.com. Current Procore users who do not use Spot-r on their jobsites can get more information or schedule a demo here.