Triax understands the complexities of an active construction site, which is why we work every day to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and provide value to our clients. Everything we do is in the interest of our customers and making projects safer, better, and faster – whether that’s our Client Engagement team, our engineers designing, developing, and supporting our products, our account managers, who identify a clients business need and work with them to adopt Spot-r. Today we’re introducing you to Justin Matheny, one of our Strategic Account Managers. 

I grew up around construction. My great grandfather, three of my four grandparents, and my father all spent their entire careers working in various roles for Caterpillar Inc. (big yellow tractors).  When I graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, everyone in Peoria, IL (my hometown and where CAT’s HQ was located) assumed I would go work for “the family business.”  After a lot of discussion, I decided that I wanted to work at the CAT dealership level to spend my time interacting with end users.

I was raised to appreciate the importance of working a long day in often harsh/extreme conditions and truly getting your hands dirty; After all, without the construction industry, we wouldn’t have roads to go places, schools to further our education, or the hospitals and research facilities that make everyday life possible. I love watching a piece of land go from dirt to a new building in a matter of months or years.

From the time my grandfather, and even my father, have been involved in the industry to today, the machines have gotten faster, quieter, more comfortable, and more fuel-efficient. Other than that, the processes of moving dirt and putting up buildings are fairly similar to what they were decades ago.

With that said, in the ten years I’ve been involved in the industry, it’s been exciting to see leading, early adopter firms embrace technology and make huge strides in productivity gains.  From a site surveying and operator training standpoint, the use of drones has helped collect visual site data and better instruct daily tasks, and 2D & 3D laser technology can help reduce the risk of removing more than is required when digging a basement or cutting a trench for utilities in a way that just isn’t – and wasn’t – possible walking around with a grade stake and paper to take notes. Today, Spot-r wearable and sensor technology can tie the use of equipment and machinery to specific operators, and with certification information stored in a Cloud-based dashboard, alerts can be sent to designated personnel for unauthorized operators.

In addition, Spot-r’s network can monitor equipment location and utilization outdoors and indoors within the network. You have, absolute coverage and visibility from project start to finish even as structures go up. And while I may be biased, no one else in the market is able to report a fall or worker-generated in real-time to the supervisors on site that need to know about it, helping to provide more timely and appropriate medical response.

My father started his career with Caterpillar in 1976 at Mapleton Foundry as a third-shift chip-and-grind operator, where he used pneumatic hammers and chisels to clean out imperfections in large engine block castings before they were sent to the factory to be prepped for machines.  Over the next 38 years, he worked his way up from literally the factory floor to group manager for Caterpillar’s entire Cast Metals organization.   During the last 20 years of his career, he was both directly and indirectly responsible for the overall safety and production of the employees on the floor in the foundries. He takes safety seriously, and when I explained to my father what Triax was doing he was incredibly excited and immediately saw the benefits of being able to know where your people are located as well as immediate notification in the event of a fall – not to mention the data to help improve efficiencies by trade or production line.

Justin Matheny is a Strategic Account Manager based in Denver, CO. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.