With experience bringing technology to challenging IT environments, we knew we had to deliver a scalable, practical solution that required as little maintenance as possible. When we began building our Spot-r system, battery life, product durability, and reliable data connections as new floors or structures are added were essential considerations. In the unpredictable, fast-moving construction environment, we needed to deliver a product that just worked – a fact that is particularly true in traditionally low-tech industries. When you’re introducing new technology, as well as the processes and procedures that support it, there will always be skeptics and you oftentimes only have one shot to prove your value.

How do we overcome those challenges? Our approach is multi-faceted, but it starts with leading-edge product development and engineering. Our Product Development Center in East Hartford brainstorms, prototypes, tests, and builds every solution that makes it to the jobsite. By keeping an eye on other industries and larger technology trends and developments, they stay at the forefront of new technologies and components that can make our product more compact, durable or secure. The connected jobsite gets a lot of well-deserved attention these days, but our engineering team likes to say that they are striving for a smart connected jobsite – one in which technology doesn’t distract or replace but provides actionable, real-time insights to help project teams stay on top of workflows and ahead of potential safety issues, hazards or bottlenecks.

The second essential component is Triax’s Client Engagement team, which ensures that every one of our clients is getting the most out of our system. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and we welcome the opportunity to educate end users about the system, answer any and all questions, and receive and report feedback back to our team here. Our Client Engagement team provides on-site training and helps dashboard administrators understand the platform, create custom notifications, and build out reports using on-going Spot-r workforce, safety and project data to ensure that their daily brief is relevant, easily digestible, and meets their needs. Each site contact also has a Triax Client Engagement Specialists’ cell phone number to ensure that needs are met with immediate action.

We get genuinely excited thinking about the processes that can be streamlined on site and the efficiencies that can be unlocked. We all have a passion for leveraging data to work smarter and safer, and our mutual desire to bring positive change to this vital industry is what drives us forward.

Triax is more than a construction hardware or software provider, and Spot-r is a full-stack, full-service solution, designed to keep your project – and teams – connected every step of the way and to move on to your next project site. Whether it’s explaining to workers how the wearable device interacts with our Spot-r network without GPS, providing supervisors with the power to see all 150 workers on their site at once, or showing workers how to use the self-alert button in case of an emergency, it is this interaction that gets us genuinely excited.

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Speaking from personal experience, if we had Spot-r on my job sites it would have made my life much easier. As the assistant PM, it was my responsibility to prepare all daily, weekly and monthly reports. If we were using Spot-r, I could have automated many of these reports and spent more time focusing on the job itself.

One feature I love is the custom notifications that can be created to alert employers of upcoming OSHA certification expirations, which are required to be able to work on a jobsite. 

 Greg Probert, Manager, Manufacturing and Hardware Design

By implementing smart designs and innovative thinking, we can deliver quality, fast, and cost efficient Made in the USA products.

Our talented software engineers focus on the “logical architecture” aspects of our products, starting with “what’s needed” and “what’s feasible” in the real-world setting, building up from there with modern hardware. My focus is on advancing/providing the custom hardware platforms that our software runs on to ensure reliable performance

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