In an article for Construction Business Owner Magazine, Triax Technologies’ Pete Schermerhorn writes about the trends construction business owners can expect to see in 2019 and beyond.

In construction, like any industry, decisions often come down to time, money and scope. When evaluating jobsite technology, business owners often find themselves asking when they might see the return on their investments. The trouble with this question, however, is that it often forces contractors into a holding pattern, reluctant to change processes or invest in emerging technologies that will surely pay dividends in the long run. By focusing on recovering just 5 to 10 minutes per day, contractors can begin to unlock efficiencies and increase their bottom lines.

IoT technology will see continued growth on the jobsite, changing the project management mindset from one of monitoring results to making things happen across safety, lean, quality and other organizational initiatives. Instead of taking a more reactive, after-the-fact approach to safety, project leaders and teams will use real-time notifications and feedback for a proactive approach.

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