In December, we released our construction technology predictions for 2019, including jobsite technology going mainstream. As the start of a new year, we remain committed to working internally as well as alongside our customers and industry partners to put the people, processes and technology in place to unlock the power of data in 2019 and beyond. In two separate articles, Triax Technologies’ President and CEO Pete Schermerhorn shares his thoughts on driving the industry towards digitization and managing the process and cultural changes that go with it.

Check out the full “Harnessing the Power of IoT and Data in 2019” article in Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine.

In order to leverage data, firms will need to implement the right processes and analytical frameworks. Over the next 12-18 months, firms of all sizes will be challenged as they try to determine how data should be collected, stored, protected, analyzed, and acted upon. For some firms, this may mean additional investments in IT, including training; change to internal processes; and the establishment of basic security policies. Hiring people outside the industry with high-tech experience, for example, or developing data-specific roles is another way that companies can take measurable steps towards their digital goals.

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Heading into a new year, the construction industry is firing on all cylinders, enjoying a steady period of growth, investment and technology innovation. As more solutions become available, there will be a greater divide between those who invest in the internal resources and structures to support innovation and those who don’t. Firms that strategically plan for how technology will be adopted and leveraged to benefit their businesses will give themselves a strong competitive advantage that will be critical to meeting current – and future – market, business and workforce challenges.