As the second newest member of the Triax team, I’d like to share my first deployment experience with the Field Operations team. As an Inventory Specialist at Triax, my job is to make sure our inventory is ready for deployment on a moment’s notice. I also oversee all the inventory going in and out of the office: making sure what is out on the field matches the data we pull from our inventory weekly.

I joined Triax because of the culture and product/solution. Our priority is to boost visibility, communication and safety on site, and as the son of a mechanical engineer myself, I was inherently interested in the challenges in the space.

Triax’s Deployment Team makes sure they meet the highest level of standard in anything they do. Spot-r really is a full-service solution, and our team comes onto the site, analyzes the project specs, conditions, schedule, etc. and then deploys the site. It is both a science and an art, and our Field Ops. Team (comprised of field engineers, client engagement specialists and deployment managers) oversees all of that.

What has surprised me the most is how user-friendly our dashboard interface is. Contractors and subcontractors can feel comfortable knowing that our dashboard is easy-to-use, customizable and updates in real-time. We also have an app for phones that provides the latest info/insights, so that on-site managers and contractors who may be traveling or in the back office can know exactly what is happening on their site – or even across project sites.

My first site visit was a seamless one, and I enjoyed seeing my co-workers, Pete Johnson and Steve Wood, in action. Even before we got to the site, they made sure I had the necessary PPE (helmet, safety goggles and gloves) to get the job done safely, and we were constantly looking out for each other on site.

Going into the day, we were ready to deploy six buildings and that was what we had a plan for, although as anyone in construction knows, things rarely go to plan. When we got to the site, we learned that there was a 7th building, but any concerns were nullified when I heard Steve and Pete discuss how they could change/optimize the layout. That’s what is so cool about our technology and proprietary communication protocol: it’s reliable, robust, and requires minimal network hardware.

After that change (and many flights of stairs), we have completed our mission on site, and the project’s Client Engagement Specialist, James Caruso, explained to the project team how the system should be used, walked through the dashboard and answered any/all questions. It was exciting to be part of this project, and I’m glad to be part of a team that I know will only grow as our company grows.

I’ve been with this company for two months now and it’s the best job I have had. I know my job within this company is to oversee inventory, and as our company grows, so will the inventory and my responsibilities within the company. I hope to travel often and deploy more sites as I too become an expert is our solution, and I only hope to work my best and help Triax’s expansion in any way I can.