Now in its sixth year, Construction Safety Week overcomes traditional competitive boundaries and reminds the construction industry that safety doesn’t just happen – it is a choice that must be lived and practiced every day, across every jobsite. In recognition of Safety Week, we asked #TeamTriax about the best practices they’ve witnessed in the field as well as their favorite way to be #SaferwithSpotr.

Knowing someone will respond if I need aid gives me greater piece of mind in my safety while on site. I also keep three points of contact on all staircases at all times, no exceptions. – Pete Schermerhorn, President and CEO

It reminds me (and others on site) that they have a button they can push if they need help. It can provide faster response if I am injured or need help. The best safety practice I’ve witnessed in 20-20-20: every 20 minutes, stop and look around for 20 seconds and then repeat 20 minutes later. When we slow down a little, we are “stronger and safer together.” -Bob Dolan, National Sales Director

Spot-r Clip checks during morning stretch-and-flex sessions and using the push-alert button any time I see something unsafe! #SaferwithSpotr– Phil Epifano, Strategic Account Manager

My safety best practice is to always make eye-contact with the operators of nearby equipment and vehicles. – Matt Davis, Senior Director of Channel Sales

Using three points of contact climbing down ladders, stairs, scaffolding, and in and out of vehicles. – Julia Brenker, Client Engagement Specialist

We want to know what safety mindset, toolset or skillset YOU bring to the jobsite each day. Connect with us on Twitter or Instagram and tell us how you’re #SaferwithSpotr!