At Triax, our goal all along has been to help contractors, developers and builders establish a connected worksite with tools that allow them to monitor workers’ locations at any given time, boost safety measures and mitigate risk across a jobsite.

And, in July, we were honored for doing just that. Constructech magazine just named Triax among its top 10 in a list of the 50 “most influential technology firms” in the construction industry “with a market presence that will stand the test of time,” according to the magazine. 

“The Constructech 50 is a listing of technology companies with a strong company culture that serve their customers well by equipping their employees with the tools to innovate, inspire, and lead with excellence to drive positive disruption,” the announcement says. 

And, according to Constructech, while the list highlights top technology providers, it’s about more than that. “It is about the strong performance each company is demonstrating and how well it serves the industry now and what it sees for connected construction,” the magazine says. 

In an overview of Triax, Constructech noted our Spot-r solution, which includes devices that can be attached to a worker’s belt or a piece of equipment. The Internet of Things-enabled devices use a proprietary communication protocol that makes it possible for contractors and builders to: 

  • Immediately track the location of workers and equipment, down to the floor and construction site zone. 
  • Quickly find, for example, certification details about workers or operational history for equipment.
  • Detect falls, boosting injury response times, which can help keep workers’ compensation costs lower.
  • Alert workers with flashing lights and an alarm to an emergency, shortening evacuation times by 72%.
  • Maximize visibility and uncover new insights to lower risk and better manage current and future projects.

But Constructech goes on to celebrate our company culture as well. 

Triax “also stands out because of its collaborative, fast-paced company culture that encourages individual initiatives, strives for excellence, embraces collaboration and always acts for the customer first,” Constructech writes. “Team members are passionate about having an opportunity to help transform an industry and make construction safer and more efficient.” 

It’s worth noting that we also recently celebrated another honor when we were named one of the Best Places to Work in Connecticut thanks to a unanimous response from employees who said the company values their work and the importance of their roles. 

“This year’s Constructech 50 prove that these companies have the vision, intuition and stamina, to continue to help the construction industry build bigger and better projects,” said Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Constructech magazine and president of Specialty Publishing Media, in a press release. “These companies have truly built a business that is designed to stand the test of time by empowering employees to serve the industry well.”

Here at Triax, we’re thrilled to be a part of it.