Triax is in the spotlight in the new BuiltWorlds 2019 Construction Technology Report for its approach to wearables and workforce management in the construction technology sector. (You need a member login to access the full report.)

The report dives into technologies that are sparking dramatic changes in the industry—from collaboration and documentation management to drones, scanners and digital twins. According to The BuiltWorlds Investment Report Card, investment in construction technology grew four times—from $730 million to more than $3 billion—from 2017 to 2018.  

As part of the Technology Report, BuiltWorlds highlighted Triax in a collection of case studies that demonstrate how industry leaders are relying on different technologies to build a connected—and more efficient—jobsite. Gilbane Building Co.’s implementation of Triax’s Spot-r was featured in the report’s section on wearable technologies. 

Most contractors and builders have yet to deploy wearables on projects. In BuiltWorlds’ survey of general and specialty contractors, 19% said they use wearable technology like Spot-r. But, according to BuiltWorlds’ survey, industry leaders see plenty of benefits. Nearly 40% reported that safety was the biggest advantage when using wearables. And, according to the report, some companies have reported lower insurance premiums when using them.

In the case of Gilbane, the company used Spot-r to monitor worker safety on a variety of projects, including a high-rise renovation in New York City and the construction of a manufacturing space in rural Wisconsin.

Spot-r, an Internet of Things-enabled device, attaches to workers’ waistbands. With it, site managers can follow their movements, ensure they have the right training and credentials for the work they’re doing and receive alerts when workers have fallen, among other capabilities.

In the BuiltWorlds report, Don Nabor, Senior Vice President – Director of Risk Management at Gilbane, said those notifications are helping the company keep their workers safe. Nabor, in the report, calls worker falls and related costs “loss leaders” in the industry. With Spot-r, Gilbane can learn about workers’ unsafe behaviors and educate them about best practices to reduce the risk of falls and injuries in the future.

BuiltWorlds has focused attention on Triax several times in the last couple of months. In August, BuiltWorlds included Triax on its 2019 Smart Jobsite 50 List. And in September, Ian Ouelette, Vice President of Product, participated in a panel discussion titled Wearables & the Worker at BuiltWorlds Projects LA Smart Jobsites Conference in California.