Healthcare construction, jobsite safety and compliance were hot topics in 2019 on our blog as the industry grappled with market growth and a lingering labor shortage. As we embark on 2020, let’s take a look back at our most popular blog posts and news articles from 2019.

1. Triax Toolbox Talk: NYC DOB Local Law 196

To cut down on construction-related fatalities and injuries, New York’s Local Law 196 codifies rigorous worker training requirements. We covered what this means for contractors and builders and how to ensure you remain in compliance as new regulations are phased in.

2. Considering worker safety technology? Here’s how the network options stack up

The construction safety technology sector has grown at a fast pace in recent years as new solutions come online that are aimed at making jobsites safer and more connected. But not all worker safety solutions are created equal. Unlike Spot-r’s patented mesh network protocol, all other products on the market use alternative network solutions that come with big limitations and disadvantages. We compare the options.

3. Construction Safety Week 2019: Voices from the Field

We checked in with leaders of technology companies who are striving to make the construction industry safer to get their take on what we all can do to ensure everybody stays safe on the jobsite.

4. Triax, EarthCam forge new partnership to boost jobsite security, compliance

In October, we were proud to announce our new partnership with EarthCam, a leading provider of construction camera technology and services. Working together, we are offering an enhanced solution that bolsters site safety and security and reduces jobsite risk.

5. Triax Toolbox Talk: Changing Safety Culture in Construction

How do we go about changing safety culture in construction and get a traditional industry to adopt the latest safety technologies? By involving all parties and creating a system that benefits everyone. We shared three ways the industry can strengthen safety culture.

6. Construction Safety Week 2019: Team Triax Safety Pledges

Why is it important to promote safety, and how do we ensure that the industry is stronger and safer together? We asked Triax leaders those questions and found out how they are demonstrating their own commitment to safety.

7. Faces from the Field: Catching up with Lettire Construction

Lettire Construction deployed Spot-r in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. We explored why the solution was right for the New York-based construction company and how the solution has enhanced both safety, visibility and preparedness on the jobsite.

8. Wearables and Insurance: Triax to highlight benefits at Spotlight on Solutions

From smartwatches to fitness trackers, wearable gadgets are all the rage in our personal lives, but the technology also is turning up in the workplace. And in the construction industry, the technology is proving to not only deliver new efficiencies, but revolutionize safety as well. Bob Dolan, our national sales director, shared more at Spotlight on Solutions 2019.

9. Tackling a healthcare project? Technology can help you cut your risks, find new efficiencies

Healthcare construction is booming thanks, in large part, to an aging population that’s putting new strains on hospitals, outpatient clinics and assisted living facilities. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for general contractors and builders who are working on healthcare construction projects to meet deadlines and budgets. We covered how technology can help.

10. Tackling healthcare challenges with technology

In a market that shows no signs of slowing down, technology continues to make a big difference not just in the operating rooms and patient care areas themselves, but in the design and construction of those rooms as well, wrote Bob Dolan, our national sales director.

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