KBE Building Corporation is at work on a major project in Virginia, and as crews complete the multi-story building, they’re also wearing a Spot-r Clip on their waist.

The Internet of Things-enabled wearable device monitors workers’ movements around a jobsite, helping supervisors reduce risk and injuries, cut waste and better manage projects. 

KBE Building, a leading U.S. construction company that celebrated its 60th year in business in 2019, is a longtime Spot-r user. Recently, we checked in with them on the Virginia jobsite to find out how Spot-r is helping them on the job.

Here’s what the KBE project team told us about Spot-r.

Easy to use

New technology can seem difficult to implement, especially for construction teams who haven’t deployed them before. But it didn’t take much for Nick, a KBE superintendent, to learn how to use it.

“It was actually a lot easier than I thought. Before they brought it out here, … [they] went over the benefits of it from the safety standpoint. But I didn’t get out here until it was already in full swing, and I don’t think it took me but an hour to go through the ins and outs of the process, and then I was already clipping people in and out with Spot-r and checking the reports and using the data it gave me to make the job a safer place and a more efficient place.”

Always available

Team leaders can quickly access the data that Spot-r collects from any device they have on hand — wherever they are on the job. Here’s how Josh, safety manager, gets the information.

“Throughout the day, I have it on my iPad, I have it on my iPhone, I have it on my laptop. So, I have access to it immediately. I check it all the time. If Greg, our superintendent, asks how many employees we have from a certain company, I can look it up in two seconds, and say, ‘We have 10.’ He’s like, ‘Oh, they were supposed to have 20.’”

Quick evacuation

When an evacuation is required — as part of a drill or because of an actual emergency — jobsite supervisors can activate an alarm on each worker’s device. Here’s what happened when the KBE jobsite had a special visitor during its first evacuation drill, according to Nick.

“On our first evacuation drill, …  the fire marshal for the state was there, and he had never seen one go off so well. And he actually asked me what kind of system we were using. I told him, ‘We’re with KBE and we’re using this Spot-r system.’ And he was astounded at how quickly everyone came out, got to the muster point and gave their information to the KBE personnel.”

Safety detection

Spot-r can detect when a worker falls and will immediately alert supervisors to a potential injury. For Josh, it’s peace of mind.

“Through Spot-r’s automatic fall detection and worker push-button alerts it allows us to respond immediately to any incident, dramatically decreasing our injury response time. Having insight into when these incidents occur is so valuable to investigating accidents and helping us to improve the overall safety culture on site.”

Actionable insights

As Spot-r tracks who’s on the jobsite at any given time, it’s also providing users with valuable insights that can boost efficiencies, cut down on waste and ensure subcontractors are meeting their contract requirements. For David, project superintendent, these details come in handy.

“Daily I’ll check in for the report, see who’s on site, see how many individuals from each trade, each subcontractor on site, see where they’re at, see what time they come in. If I work late, if we’re working late maybe 14 to 16 hours into the day, it’s nice to be able to track people down to see who’s checked in, see who’s checked out at a site.”

For more from KBE about using Spot-r, watch the video or contact us to find out how it can help on your next job.