As the world grapples with the unprecedented threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, every sector is rethinking how it does business, including construction. Amid stay-at-home orders across the country, we’re hearing from builders and contractors who are scrambling now to determine how they’ll adapt to this “new normal” and safely continue their day-to-day operations.

At Triax, we’ve always believed that technology plays a vital role in adjusting workflows and streamlining processes. For us, safety and security are at the core of the solutions that we offer the industry. And today, with a global health crisis impacting all aspects of our lives, building in new safety measures is more important than ever.

With Spot-r, our Internet of Things-enabled solution, users gain capabilities that are critical at a time when social distancing is a must. We help companies automate manual processes, that usually bring workers together and gain remote on-site visibility into jobsites, reducing the need for some workers to directly interact with each other.

Without traveling across jobsites, Spot-r users know, in real time, who is on the site, where they are operating and who is working together. The tools allow site managers to maintain accountability across a jobsite without adding certain kinds of interactions that can increase risks for employees. And all of the information is stored in the cloud, allowing users to pull it up on the jobsite or from home while working remotely.

Here’s how Triax can help you keep your jobsites safe — and your workers healthy — in these unparalleled times.

Automated Timesheets

Instead of a common check-in point where workers gather to sign in and check out, using shared pens and papers, Spot-r automates time and attendance. Once a worker enters or exits a jobsite wearing the Spot-r device, they are automatically signed in or out for the day without waiting in line next to other workers to sign in.

In addition to boosting safety, automated manhours also save companies time. In one project with Spot-r, a company, each month, trimmed 109 man hours because of reduced line wait times, freed up 105 support staff hours and cut 1,032 hours in unnecessary, pre- and post-workday idle time and risk.

Access Control

Our tools also offer a seamless access control solution that can be used with or without a physical turnstile, offering enhanced safety and security for jobsites.

The system relies on an RFID reader to read the NFC tag that’s already part of Spot-r. The readers are placed strategically across a site, and the solution is fully integrated with our  platform, so managers can quickly pull up details about who is on the site and receive worker certification compliance alerts as required.

For added security on individual jobsites, Triax also can deliver physical turnstiles that are fully integrated with our tools. With them, site managers can control and manage who is allowed on the jobsite based on their workday hours, certifications and other unique requirements.

Actionable Insights

In the event of a COVID-19 exposure on a jobsite, our tools will provide both real-time and historic data to review worker locations and interactions to determine which people and what pieces of equipment the sick worker came in contact with. Managers also can use the data to track the movements of workers and equipment to develop new best practices that reduce the amount of interaction among everyone on the jobsite.

At Triax, we solve problems with technology every day, and our team is ready to help you find the solutions you need to weather these new challenges. Contact us to learn how we can help you operate more safely and efficiently in this “new normal.”