Using IoT Technology to Create a Safer Jobsite

In this article for Construction Executive, Triax CEO Chad Hollingsworth writes about the Internet of Things can help the construction industry improve safety outcomes.

Using Technology to Connect the Jobsite and Boost Safety

Triax CEO Chad Hollingsworth wrote for the NHEO Institute, an organization focusing on construction industry concerns common to Hispanic contractors and small business owners.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG: Jobsite Safety Advances to Keep Pace with Growing Construction Opportunities

Triax co-founder Chad Hollingsworth writes for CONEXPO-CON/AGG on how construction technology adoption is being driven by more complex projects, the skilled labor shortage, and increased construction activity.

Preparing for the Future of the Connected Jobsite

In a new quarterly column for Construction Executive, Triax CEO Chad Hollingsworth shares his thoughts on preparing for the connected jobsite of the future.

Using Technology to Bridge Construction’s Labor Gap

Triax CEO Chad Hollingsworth writes about technology can help overcome some of the challenges posed by the current skilled labor shortage, in this bylined article for Construction Executive.

Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine: Sensing Danger

In a byline for Modern Contractor, Triax COO Pete Schermerhorm writes about the challenges construction site safety in NYC and how technology like Spot-r by Triax is helping contractors build smarter and safe.