Faces from the Field: Mark Wagner, Senior Electrical Engineer

With a broad background in engineering, as well 30 years of experience in many aspects of industrial electronics, Mark Wagner joined #TeamTriax because of its collaborative approach to product development.

Faces from the Field: Scott Caudle, Strategic Account Manager

Let us introduce you to another member of #TeamTriax with Scott Caudle, Strategic Account Manager. Scott brings experience both from his career in the AEC industry, and from his time serving in the U.S. Army.

Faces from the Field: Greg Probert, Product Development

Get to know another member of #TeamTriax as we speak to Greg Probert, an integral part of our product development team based in East Hartford, CT.

Faces from the Field: Ricardo Anderson, KBE Project Superintendent

In April, KBE Project Superintendent Ricardo Anderson and Triax Strategic Account Manager Phil Epifano sat on a conference panel discussing how KBE is using Spot-r on their jobsites.

Faces from the Field: Mike Leonetti, Client Engagement Specialist

Introducing you to one of our Client Engagement Specialists, Mike Leonetti - helping clients onboard the Spot-r system and pave the way for successful adoption of the new technology on jobsite.

Faces from the Field: James Caruso, Client Engagement Specialist

James Caruso works within Triax's Field Operations team, focusing on the client's goals and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve them.