On the road: Triax executive to speak at AGC IT Conference in Chicago this week

Triax will be on stage at this week’s Associated General Contractors of America’s IT Conference for Construction Professionals to highlight the latest technology innovations and industry-wide initiatives in the const

Renovations at colleges, hospitals soar, and so does the need for visibility, security

Renovations on college and health care campuses are booming. And that means visibility into who is on the construction site - and who has access to patients or students - is more vital than ever. We can help

Team Triax On the Road at the 2019 BuiltWorlds Projects Conference: NYC

Triax's Marketing Events Manager recaps the BuiltWorlds Projects Conference NYC, a day of networking and panels focused on the emerging technologies disrupting the construction planning process.

Team Triax On the Road: The Construction Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2019

Check out this post for the dates, locations and information on the top construction industry events happening in 2019. And visit our Events page to learn where you can see our technology in action!

Team Triax On the Road: Trade Show 101

With the busy fall industry events schedule, Triax's Marketing Events Manager Kathy Lilley is here to help with tips for maximizing your OOO time.

Team Triax On the Road at the ABC National Convention

The Associated Builders and Contracts & the Board of Certified Safety Professionals signed a memorandum committing to improvement of health and safety on jobsites.

Team Triax On the Road at the 99th Annual AGC National Convention

Following the 99th Annual AGC National Convention in New Orleans, here are some of the things that we learned about the construction industry, and why this is an exciting time to be involved.

Geeking Out at the JB Knowledge Dallas ConTechRoadshow: Part Two

The second part of our JB Knowledge Dallas coverage; here we recap the second session "Revamping Jobsite Productivity Through Tracking & Analysis Tools".

Geeking Out at the JB Knowledge Dallas ConTechRoadshow: Part One

Triax joined JBKnowledge and the ConTechCrew in Dallas for their 4th roadshow, an event dedicated to educating the construction industry on all things tech.