Site security, efficiency key as campus construction grows

In a world where labor is in short supply and schedules and site security is so critical, it’s vital that higher education institutions find ways to streamline these projects and turn up new ways to ensure efficiency a

Tackling a healthcare project? Technology can help you cut your risks, find new efficiencies

Now, more than ever, it’s critical for general contractors and builders who are working on healthcare construction projects to meet deadlines and budgets.

Delayed projects can be costly for project owners; a connected jobsite can help

With a connected jobsite, project owners, along with contractors, can better monitor the progress of a project, uncover inefficiencies and dive into real-time reports to ensure that a project finishes on time.

Control access to your jobsite with our latest solution – Spot-r Access Control

Our new Spot-r Access Control solution goes far beyond simply limiting who can walk on site. In addition to restricting access, it also adds a new layer of control and visibility that allows supervisors to track everythi

Wearables and insurance: Triax to highlight benefits at Spotlight on Solutions

Spot-r can track a worker’s time and attendance and pinpoint their location on a site, sending real-time digital data to the cloud to identify trends and reinforce safety best practices.

Three Ways to Be Safe-r on the Internet

As technology becomes widespread at the jobsite, it’s important for contractors to educate themselves and adopt some basic cybersecurity practices. Check out our three top tips.

2018 in Review: From a Hot Topic to a Call-to-Action

2018 was a watershed year for the construction industry, Triax Technologies, and our Spot-r system. Read on for highlights from the last twelve months.

2018 in Review: Our Cloud-based Spot-r Dashboard

We’re constantly enhancing our solution to create value for end users. In this 2018 recap, our VP of Field Operations looks at some of our favorite dashboard updates and enhancements from the last year.