2018 in Review: Our Cloud-based Spot-r Dashboard

We’re constantly enhancing our solution to create value for end users. In this 2018 recap, our VP of Field Operations looks at some of our favorite dashboard updates and enhancements from the last year.

Smarter with Spot-r: The Tech Adoption Lifecycle

Triax’s VP of Product talks about the technology adoption lifecycle and the pitfalls that need to be avoided to the most out of your organization’s tech investment.

Smarter with Spot-r: Meet Triax’s Vice President of Product

Meet Ian Ouellette, Triax’s Vice President of Product, who shares his thoughts on how the industry can leverage the groundswell of data to build safer, smarter, and faster.

Smarter with Spot-r: Recover $225,000 with Automated Time and Attendance

Become #SmarterWithSpot-r by leveraging automated time and attendance to reduce paperwork and understand lost or underutilized man hours. Triax's Ian Ouellette explains the benefits.

Smarter with Spot-r: Making Jobsite Evacuations More Efficient and Effective

Triax's Ian Ouellette discusses the need for fast sitewide evacuation, and how the Spot-r EvacTag has been demonstrated to enable faster evacuations.