Safety Week 2018: Safety is a process, not a trophy

Ahead of Construction Safety Week, which takes place from Monday, May 7th to Friday, May 11th, Triax Director of Field Engineering, Tom Ludorf, writes that safety is a process, not a trophy.

How Disconnected Data is Hurting Construction Project Performance

Disconnected data at the project limits communication, increases administrative work, and can even expose the project to more risk.

Building the Next Generation of Construction Safety Leaders

Changing workforce and market conditions are putting a renewed focus on establishing and maintaining strong safety programs at the jobsite, so companies are prioritizing training and technology.

What is your EMR or Experience Modification Rating?

Reduce workers compensation insurance rates by adopting innovative construction safety technology and therefore reducing your Experience Modification Rating.

Construction Cranes: Keeping Workers and Bystanders Safe

With more and more construction cranes visible in the skylines of U.S. cities, it is important to ensure that the jobsite is properly prepared to keep both crew and bystanders safe.

Installation, Identification, and Insurance

Spot-r by Triax is helping to create first truly connected jobsite, providing worksite visibility and risk mitigation, assisting in "installation, identification, and insurance" - the 3 Is of construction.

Machinery & Equipment – What Are the Risks?

In attempting to mitigate the risks in an inherently dangerous industry, technology can offer total jobsite visibility, from location of workers and equipment, to certification management and more.

Working in Construction: Skilled Labor Myths

Exploding some of the myths around working in the construction at time when a skilled labor shortage in the industry threatens project timelines and productivity.

5 New Years Resolutions for Construction Professionals in 2018

It's the time of year when everybody is making resolutions for the year ahead, so why should construction professionals miss out? These will boost productivity, improve safety, and attract new workers.