Client Services for Worksites

A Trusted Partner

At Triax, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their project and corporate goals with every installation of the Spot-r network and platform.

The rechargeable device works with the Spot-r Clip to detect and record workers in proximity of tagged equipment and references worker certification information maintained in the dashboard to send unknown or unauthorized operator notifications. Receive alerts when certifications are due to expire so you can ensure your workforce is up to date with their training and non-certified workers aren’t operating your machinery. Aggregate data derives operational history, such as active versus idle time within specific zones, and hours logged by worker, trade, subcontractor, or group.

Client Success Team

When you become a Triax customer, your dedicated Client Engagement Specialist (CES) will work with your field team to make your Spot-r experience as easy as our system is to use.

We will schedule onsite Spot-r admin training to coincide with your site deployment, assist in safety training for your workforce, and develop a plan and schedule for building your worker profiles and managing Spot-r Clip distribution. Following your onboarding and training, CES will be in regular communication to help you achieve your project and corporate goals.

Deployment Team

Spot-r network deployments are conducted by our in-house Field Operations team. Once we receive your plans, we map out the network requirements for your site.

At the agreed upon deployment date our team is ready to get you up and running in just a few hours or a few days, depending on scope of work. Additionally, we can arrange for your team to self-deploy our network with remote support from us.

What We Deliver to You

  • On-site installation and training for project personnel
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the Spot-r network
  • Provision of all required Spot-r network equipment for duration of project
  • Active remote monitoring of all hardware, including battery levels
  • Secure cloud access to current and historical productivity and safety data
  • Support in building and sending reports with the data your key stakeholders need
  • Unlimited user licenses for dashboard and cloud software
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Spot-r Service

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