Greater Productivity
and Safer Workers with Spot-r

Real-Time Worksite Visibility in Any Environment

Energy plants and industrial facilities can be large and complex. It can be hard to keep track of your workforce, manage your assets and ensure maximum resource utilization and productivity.

Spot-r provides real-time visibility of all the moving parts — so you can optimize your manpower, improve lone worker safety, and gain operational efficiency. The perfect solution for your digital transformation.

Reliable, Practical Technology for Your Industrial Environment

Typical off-the-shelf network and IoT systems don’t cut it on complex worksites. Spot-r is different. Our rugged intrinsically-safe hardware, resilient network technology, and intuitive dashboard ensure complete visibility with real-time data capture and transmission — regardless of the environment.

So whether you’re managing a large energy generation plant or a mid-sized public utility, with Spot-r you gain valuable insights so you can ensure site safety, increase productivity, and automate and optimize processes.

Worker and Equipment Location

Lone Worker Support

Process Optimization

Real-Time Visibility, Increased Productivity

Spot-r gives you full visibility so every resource is utilized effectively:

  • See real-time worker and equipment location by zone
  • Automatically capture worker time and attendance
  • Understand the productivity levels of your crews

Efficient Asset Management

Spot-r provides the information you need to understand your equipment location and utilization:

  • Monitor machinery and equipment location in real time
  • Track utilization of equipment to optimize rentals
  • Unauthorized equipment operator notifications

Safer Worksites, Safer Workers

Need a site safety plan? Spot-r helps you send your workers home safely each day with:

  • Worker-generated injury and hazard alerts
  • Lone worker check-ins and hazardous area monitoring
  • Worker certification and site safety compliance tracking

See Spot-r in Action