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Important Spot-r notification changes

Safety is the core of our Spot-r system, providing a direct line for workers and supervisors to identify and respond to safety incidents, report hazards and communicate an emergency. Everything we do is for our customers, and feedback is an essential part of developing solutions that create value. As a result, we recently increased our safety event notification threshold to 6 feet. 

All event data will still be logged in the database for your reference and review. This will reduce the overall number of daily alerts, helping to maintain the significance of Spot-r notifications, while also preserving the robustness of objective Spot-r data.

What does this mean for you?

  • For falls and safety events 6′ and greater, automatic push notifications (email or text) will be sent and and an event will be recorded in the database.
  • For falls and safety events under 6′ that are accompanied by a worker push-button, automatic notifications will be sent and an event will be recorded in the database.
  • Falls and safety events under 6′ that are not accompanied by a worker push-button will only be recorded as an event in the database, visible in Reports and can be configured to display in the “Events” view.
  • It’s important that you continue to train your workforce to use the push button on their Spot-r Clip to report any safety event, including falls.

Additionally, we’ve developed a sitewide Behavior Report that will enable you to benchmark worker safety across your jobsite. We understand the importance of having tools that can help you take proactive measures on your jobsite and believe this new standard report will provide actionable data to help you understand who is likely to be most in need of correction of safety behaviors.