From scheduling to risk management, contractors and AEC firms are looking towards artificial intelligence platforms to improve efficiencies, safety, and understandings on commercial construction projects. As John Caufield, Senior Editor, Building Design + Construction writes in their Tech Report 5.0: “As data storage and computational power have expanded, more firms are willing to engage AI as a practical analytics tool. Their ultimate goal for using this platform seems clear: to generate predictive data that provides early hints about future trends and behaviors on everything from interior designs to jobsite safety.” Read a snippet on how artificial intelligence is using data from other technologies, including Spot-r’s wearable Clip, below and check out the full article here.

“Mortenson’s Khan believes that to fully leverage AI and machine learning in construction, trades must be involved in the process upfront. And one way to do that would be to get subs to lower their resistance to wearable sensors…

Burns singles out Triax Technologies’ Spot-r sensor that clips onto a worker’s belt. The device has several safety-related features such as an accelerometer to detect falls, and a distress button. It also syncs electronically to a cloud-based reporting dashboard that provides real-time insights into worker activity.”

Read the full Building Design + Construction article here.