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Demystifying the Internet of Things for Construction

Here’s how the Internet of Things works, and why your jobsite needs it

Imagine being able to track the exact location of a backhoe on one jobsite, a pallet of drywall on another and an electrical sub on a third—and doing it all in seconds, with just a few simple strokes on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Real-Time Connections

It’s possible, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the tech term that describes how we connect everyday items and, even, individuals—like that backhoe, pallet and subcontractor—to the Internet (and more importantly, to the computer systems that run our businesses). 

Big Rewards

When contractors implement IoT and take advantage of that connected jobsite, they reap big rewards, reducing risks and building a safer and more secure workplace. 

It’s no wonder that industry-leading contractors are building connected jobsites to provide full visibility into the health of current projects — and for plenty of insight when planning the next ones. 

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