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Case Study

IBK Construction Customer Testimonial

IBK Construction Group is a New York City-based construction company that specializes in concrete superstructure construction, foundations, and excavation services. Since 1994, IBK has been attracting a growing list of repeat and new customers, due in large part to the organization’s highly skilled workforce and in-house resources.

On a 20-story ground-up residential building in Brooklyn, NY, IBK Construction was looking for innovative ways to improve worker safety. With projects becoming increasingly complex and the workforce more diverse, visibility and communication at the jobsite is critically important. After coming across Triax’s technology, IBK’s Senior Project Manager tested the Spot-r system and quickly adopted it for its ability to detect worker falls and identify worker location on site at any point in time.

Download our one-pager to learn about the challenges overcome and value delivered, including accounting for workers on a minute-by-minute basis and managing worker certification information.