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Technology to meet the challenge of head injuries. Valuable, real-time impact data from the field to the sidelines.

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Smart Impact Monitor

The Smart Impact Monitor measures the G-Force of head impacts for concussion management.

  • Gyro Powered Technology

    3-Axis accelerometer and Gyro to obtain accurate linear and rotational impact measurements.

  • G-Force Impact Measurement

    The SIM-G measures G-Force events from 3 to 150G in real-time.

  • Sweat Proof

    Fully waterproof and durable, the SIM-G supports long-term play without interruption or discomfort.

Maximum Comfort

Our patent-pending design secures the SIM-G sensor at the back of our headbands or skullcaps, ensuring maximum accuracy and easy removal for cleaning or charging.

Customizable Design

Our headbands come in a variety of colors and can be customized to fit your team's aesthetics.

Unobstrusive Look and Feel

Our solution doesn't add awkward gear that could compromise an athlete's style and confidence.

For Non-Helmeted and Helmeted Sports

Cheerleading, football, water polo, soccer, wrestling, baseball, volleyball and more.

Available Colors:
Real-Time Data

Impact data is transmitted within 20 milliseconds to the sidelines and cloud, allowing for instant notifications of high impact events.

  • Individual Player Data

    Monitor and track head impacts on up to 63 athletes simultaneously.

  • High Impact Alerts

    Get immediate feedback on impacts above your custom threshold via text message or email.

T.E.S.T. Protocol

Within our SIM-G software platform, T.E.S.T, allows coaches and athletic trainers to teach proper technique to help athletes curb head impact exposure and minimize trauma.

Impactful Data

T.E.S.T. reports will give the instructor raw data to help athletes play smarter and perform better.

Training Guidance

Proper training and conditioning is crucial to helping reduce an athlete's exposure to head impacts and possible concussions.

Learn More

Learn more about T.E.S.T. by watching this video.

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