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The technology’s filter recognizes such occurrences as a probable sensor drop or throw.
No, the sensors are specifically assigned to a unique, individual worker.
The sensor should be returned to the respective GC once work is fully completed on that site and a worker will not be returning.
Sensors are generally assigned at the site safety orientation conducted by the GC.
Spot-r detects worker falls on an active worksite and sends real-time notifications to designated personnel. If a hazard or unsafe condition is detected or a situation arises that requires the immediate attention of a supervisor, workers can press and hold the device’s push-button to send a real-time alert to designated personnel. In addition, in a situation that requires evacuation, supervisors can trigger an evacuation alarm emitted by each Spot-r Clip, which can be amplified by blaring, flashing Spot-r EvacTags placed around the jobsite.
The sensor is designed to be clipped onto a worker’s waist belt to register any safety incidents on-site. It should not be worn on a safety vest or helmet as a substitute.
The Spot-r Clip automatically turns on when a worker approaches an active Spot-r jobsite, picking up the proprietary network installed on site, and disconnects when the device leaves the range of the jobsite’s Spot-r network, which typically extends a few hundred feet beyond the site perimeter.
No, the Spot-r system only records and transmits information within an active Spot-r jobsite that has the network deployed. The device disconnects when it leaves the range of the jobsite’s Spot-r network.
No, the system communicates with a closed, localized network, which is deployed specifically per each site’s layout.
The system automatically logs information already collected manually on site, including when a worker enters and leaves a worksite and their general location within worksite zones. It also collects information related to a fall, low-height activity, or worker self-alert, including time, zone, and height of fall.
Typically, a project’s safety personnel will have access to the information dashboard, so they can better respond to potentially incidents. In addition, any other personnel authorized by the appropriate general contractor to view the information.

To activate the integration, current Spot-r customers should contact their Account Manager or email . Triax’s Client Engagement team will work with Spot-r customers to activate the Procore integration

Current Procore users who do not use Spot-r on their jobsites can email for more information or to schedule a Spot-r demo. It is easy to install the Spot-r system on your project site and minimize user set-up/on-boarding by utilizing the two-way Procore integration. For all other partnership integrations or third-party application questions, please email