A SMARTER Jobsite Starts With Spot-r

We don’t need to remind you that construction is a fast-moving, results-oriented industry. With competing priorities and countless moving parts, comprehensive visibility and effective communication across project participants and vast sites remains a challenge. Through advanced networked technology and an intuitive cloud dashboard, the Spot-r system enables site supervisors and off-site managers to see what is happening across their project portfolio in real-time. With data-driven visibility into your workforce and equipment location, activity, and safety, you can optimize resources, mitigate risks, and improve project management.

Complete Workforce Visibility

One of the biggest inefficiencies in construction today is the inability to immediately see how many workers are on a jobsite - and where they’re located - across trades, subs or project locations. Manual headcounts and paper timesheets are a necessity, but they are time-consuming, non-collaborative, and error-prone - particularly on large projects. Spot-r automates worker time and attendance, providing their real-time location by floor and zone, so you can see which resources are active and how they're interacting whether you’re out in the field or in the corporate office.

Built For Construction

With experience building technology for challenging environments, Spot-r by Triax is an intelligent solution designed to provide value to all levels of a project. Spot-r is the first scalable, non-GPS solution to track worker and equipment location and activity in real-time – without restrictions such WiFi or GPS coverage. With minimal network hardware and rechargeable devices, our clients can harness the power of real-time data without encumbering their workers and support staff.

Manage Site Safety

Safety remains the heart of our flagship system, allowing designated supervisors to be notified about fall events or worker-generated alerts as they occur and respond accordingly. With automated safety notifications, including who, when, where, and distance of fall, Spot-r adds clarity and precision to currently inefficient safety identification, documentation, and responses processes.

Improve Asset Allocation

Spot-r EquipTags mount onto any piece of equipment, such as a scissor lift or skid steer, to tell you how much – and how often – each machine is being used. By drilling into utilization data by zone, equipment type, or operator, you can better coordinate your assets and rentals across project sites to minimize downtime and save rental costs. In addition, with visibility into how equipment is being utilized on site, you can bring in additional resources to prevent unnecessary wear and tear and combat the increased risks that come from cutting corners to stay on schedule.

Manage and Ensure Compliance

Right now, there is no easy way to know who is operating your equipment and whether they are certified to do so. By linking equipment to a specific worker, and facilitating digital worker certification information, Spot-r can push unknown or unauthorized equipment operator notifications, helping to improve compliance and reduce the likelihood of uncertified operator error. This changes the game, overcoming the inherent risks and hazards of the current “one-key-fits-all” approach of modern machines.

Mitigate Insurance Costs

Spot-r tells you what’s occurring at ground level, while providing data-driven insights into how current safety procedures are performing at your jobsites. Knowing about an incident the moment it happens improves response and reduces the risk of compounding injuries or other workers walking into the hazard. The ability to correct risky behavior – on the ground or behind the wheel – in real-time can help reduce the frequency and severity of accidents at your jobsites, which can help lower MOD ratings and insurance premiums in the long run.

Leverage Data on Future Projects

No two construction projects are the same, but that’s no reason not to learn from past experience. By failing to automate data collection, sharing, and reporting, contractors are missing out on an opportunity to effectively manage risks and scale best practices. Aggregate Spot-r safety and productivity data can be analyzed by worker, subcontractor, trade, or project location, and integrates with your back-end project management system for one seamless process. With Spot-r’s dynamic visual reports, managers spend less time compiling and interpreting data and more time acting on it.