Control access to your jobsite with our latest solution – Spot-r Access Control

General contractors and building companies typically try to control access on jobsites, and for good reason. Project owners often require it, particularly in urban settings.

But restricted access also is just good construction site management. When you control who has access to a work site, you can prevent theft and harm to equipment and protect workers or anybody else who may wander onto it.

In the construction safety sector, there are plenty of solutions on the market to help companies limit who can enter jobsites, starting with a basic turnstile.

But our new Spot-r Access Control solution goes far beyond simply limiting who can walk on site. In addition to restricting access, it also adds a new layer of control and visibility that allows supervisors to track everything from time and attendance and worker location to who isn’t complying with site safety plans, like using non-designated entry and exit points. 

Growing concerns

Jobsite security and safety is a growing concern in an industry like construction. The sector, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, had the highest count of fatal injuries in 2015. Construction site theft is an expensive problem. The National Equipment Register pegs the total between $300 million and $1 billion each year.

At the same time, laws such as New York City’s Department of Buildings Local Law 196 are setting new rules for contractors and builders. The New York law requires that companies show that their workers have completed required site safety training. Violators will face civil penalties as high as $5,000 per untrained worker if they don’t comply.   

Traditional jobsite access solutions, however, aren’t up to the task of reducing contractors’ general liability risk and addressing these mounting issues. Most simply let workers in or out, but provide no other capabilities or benefits. 

But, when contractors and buildings take advantage of the latest construction technology, they can take control of their sites and uncover valuable insights that will help them now and on the next job.

Spot-r Access Control benefits

And that’s where Spot-r Access Control comes in. Released in June, the access control system integrates full-height turnstiles with our Spot-r Clip, an Internet of Things-enabled sensor that replaces traditional badges or RFID tags. Workers wear the Spot-r Clip on their belts while on the jobsite. 

Through a patented mesh network protocol that has superior coverage compared to GPS or WiFi, the clips transfer information to pods located on site. From there, the information is transmitted to worker profiles in the  Spot-r dashboard, which supervisors can use to manage worker certifications and track where they are on the site.

With Access Control, users get a variety of benefits. They include: 

  • The ability to grant entry to the site and a record of workers entering and leaving the area.
  • Real-time worker locations while they are on the jobsite, including the ability to see their location by floor while on vertical construction sites.
  • Quick detection of free falls to make for swift response to injuries and worker-reported issues.
  • Increased visibility and reports about worker time and attendance, certifications and safety events.
  • Easier compliance with laws such as New York’s DPB Local Law 196. With Spot-r, supervisors can automatically pull up which workers are on site at any given time and whether they have the required certifications. 

With Spot-r Access Control, users also can ensure that workers are entering and exiting the site as required. The solution will identify workers who are on the jobsite, but have not entered through the turnstile. That information can prompt conversations with them about best practices and safety plans. 

With our access control solution, you’ll not only restrict entry to the jobsite, but also know who is entering and exiting the area and where they’re spending their time while on the job.

Elevate Your Worksite Management with Spot-r

Looking for a worksite management solution? Enhance your construction site management with the Triax industrly-leading IIoT platform, Spot-r. Gain complete control over site access, track worker movements, and improve safety measures with our customized worksite solutions. Don’t miss out on the future of construction technology – reach out to us today or request a demo now.


Control access to your jobsite with our latest solution – Spot-r Access Control