A safer, more productive workforce with an IIoT platform for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Refining Industries

Process facilities often hire a large combined workforce of contractors and employees, working simultaneously on different projects and in different areas of a given worksite. Not only does this pose challenges to workplace safety, it often leads to bottlenecks, budget overages, and a decline in labor productivity.

Having site-wide visibility of each worker and piece of equipment is a challenging task that is critical to ensure safety standards are in compliance without a negative impact to labor productivity.

Triax is empowering the worksite of the future by harnessing hard to capture data and presenting it in the form of actionable analytics. The Spot-r® platform has been purpose-built to streamline refinery operations and elevate safety protocols for the chemical, oil and gas industries.

Benefits of an IIoT platform for the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Refining Industries

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) includes a series of inter-connected wearable devices, equipment, and machines that collect real-time worksite data.

The Spot-r IIoT platform offers a true digital transformation for the oil, gas and chemical industries. It enables refineries to improve automation, cost efficiency, worksite safety, and productivity with synchronous monitoring of people, equipment, and processes. 

Spot-r gives operators complete visibility by leveraging data collection mechanisms ranging from safety wearables to computerized AI vision. This field-level data is then digitized via an easy-to-use labor productivity platform. With this technology you can monitor hazardous areas, measure workforce inefficiencies, ensure proper access control, optimize equipment utilization, and pinpoint potential safety hazards before they occur.

Spot-r addresses the top workplace concerns for refineries:

Improved Worksite Security

Taking a preventative approach to industrial worksite safety, Triax developed access control technology and software for the oil, gas, and chemical industries. It instantaneously identifies each individual who enters a given work zone and can restrict access to anyone who does not have the right authorization. 

The Triax IIoT technology leverages a connected worker wearable device that enables two-way alerts and alarms between managers and workers based on the worksite requirements.

Real-Time Accident Notifications

In addition to making sure unauthorized workers stay clear of hazardous areas, the Spot-r fall detection system automatically alerts managers when a worker may be injured on the job. It is designed with free-fall detection capabilities, picking up on dangerous slips, falls, and other accidents as they happen. 

Workers can manually notify their manager when an incident occurs so that help can be dispatched when needed.

Automated Emergency Preparedness

Optimize your emergency response system with automated sitewide evacuation and muster technology. With Spot-r, managers and onsite workers get real-time evacuation and muster alerts, enabling the immediate deployment of emergency procedures. This information can be quickly and accurately shared with emergency responders.

Without automation, manually evacuating a worksite and mustering personnel is a frustrating and dangerously slow process. But IIoT and digital innovation in the oil and gas industries help refineries account for all their workers when time is of the essence.

Optimal Equipment Utilization

IIoT for the oil, gas, and chemical industries use real-time equipment utilization monitoring to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) KPI. It helps managers quickly identify which equipment is being underutilized and ensures that workers are only using the equipment they are authorized to operate. 

This means that expensive tools and equipment – like excavators and generators – aren’t sitting idle or causing bottlenecks to labor productivity.

IIoT in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Refining Industries Enhance Operation Management

It can be hard to capture actionable refinery worksite data. This lack of visibility then makes it hard to measure worker and equipment inefficiencies and identify safety hazards. The Spot-r technology suite has a set of features designed specifically to solve these problems.

Here’s How:

Plant Workforce

The Spot-r project zoning feature lets stakeholders create custom alerts when personnel enter or leave designated areas and manage access rights for both contract and non-contract workers. This gives managers immediate insight into labor productivity and how long people are on-site at any given time.

Equipment Management

Monitor and view data about your entire fleet of equipment in real time. By tracking the operating hours of your equipment, managers can improve site efficiencies and proactively make changes for future operating needs. All data is securely stored in an encrypted cloud platform and can be reviewed at any time.

Oil & Gas Refineries and Chemical Plants Rely on Triax for Enhanced Worksite Productivity and Safety Management

Ignorance was never bliss. Spot-r eliminates the pain of not knowing by helping managers seamlessly collect real-time data in the field. 

Current IIoT platforms for the oil and gas industries don’t cater to the unique needs of a large, hazardous worksite with large teams of workers.

Our solutions include a suite of products and software that include real-time data capture from safety wearables and computerized vision AI, along with customizable safety alert settings, and an intuitive visualization dashboard.

Geofenced Access Control

Spot-r instantly identifies workers and equipment entering or exiting any area, allowing managers to easily track activity across their facility. With these access control capabilities, worksites can efficiently manage who is authorized to enter a given zone – and when – so that they can avoid any accidents caused by unidentified personnel. 

Workforce Safety Measures

The wearables and computer vision cameras offer advanced, real-time labor monitoring, giving managers full visibility at all times. Having connected workers allows for two-way notifications in the event of a fall, slip, or other accident, and integrated emergency management software enables immediate site evacuation and mustering.

Equipment Monitoring

Equipment tags make it possible to see the exact locations of tools or equipment within the facility. Used in tandem with the geofencing feature, you can receive alerts when unauthorized users get near specific equipment. This makes it easy to monitor which equipment is used regularly, so that you aren’t paying to rent equipment you don’t need.

Automated Data Syncing

With Spot-r, there’s no need to manually input information or work with siloed data across systems. IIoT in the oil, gas, and chemical industries leverages automation. Data can be accessed at any time and seamlessly be transmitted to your billing, project management, and contractor management systems as needed.

Transform Workplace Data Into Enhanced Safety Measures and Improved Productivity

Triax offers an industry-leading IIoT platform for the oil, gas and chemical industries that transforms the way refineries think about and enforce workforce safety and productivity measures. Our comprehensive solutions are designed specifically for complex worksites like chemical, oil, and gas refineries. 

Implement Scalable Safety and Productivity Software for Industrial Worksites

The Spot-r suite has enabled businesses across the chemical, oil, and gas industries to realize substantial gains in labor productivity and total worksite visibility. See it in action today!