Improve Worksite Safety with IIoT Emergency Management Software

Industrial worksites are high-risk environments with many hazards for workers. Improving safety measures and reducing on-site accidents can be difficult to manage with clunky manual procedures. When every second can mean the difference between a positive outcome and a fatal one, you need a platform you can trust. Say goodbye to walkie talkies and clipboards and lean in to digital transformation.

Spot-r® emergency management software is equipped with real-time safety alerts and fall-detection capabilities to help managers and first responders quickly react when time is of the essence. It automates evacuation procedures to dramatically reduce time to safety and prioritizes rescue and remediation in the event of an emergency.

Our IIoT platform helps managers quickly connect and communicate with emergency personnel, automatically locates the worker(s) in danger, and lowers crucial evacuation and mustering times by 70% or more

Why is Emergency Management Software Important?

Emergency management software helps industrial sites prepare for and respond to emergencies quickly and effectively with clearly-defined emergency protocols, safety training, and evacuation planning. 

Spot-r helps managers effectively monitor their worksites for day-to-day hazards, maintain OSHA emergency preparedness requirements, and receive passing audit scores for evacuation and mustering. 

Learn how you can use the IIoT emergency management software from Triax to minimize response times, improve communications, and help send all your workers home safely each day.

Spot-r® Helps Make Your Worksite a Safer Place

Evacuation and Mustering

With Spot-r, companies have seen as high as a 72% improvement in evacuation times with real-time alerts and automatic emergency protocol features. Meanwhile, wearable safety devices help managers identify where all workers are located in the event of an emergency to optimize first responder rescue times.

Wearable Safety Devices

Coupled with the Spot-r emergency management software, safety wearables keep your workers connected and give managers visibility into their full worksite without compromising privacy. This helps them be proactive about preventing injuries and restricting and monitoring access to hazardous areas.

Lone Workers

Lone workers pose a huge security and safety risk on industrial sites. Ensuring you have the best emergency management software in place helps ensure their safety, allows for real-time monitoring, and improves outcomes.

Data-Driven Automation

Automation allows for faster response times, and getting treatment for life-threatening injuries in the first 60 minutes has dramatic differences in outcomes. That’s why all our safety solutions are designed to work as one connected emergency management system.

How Worksites are Using Triax IIoT Emergency Management Software

Worksites using Spot-r are able to dramatically improve emergency response times. Here are a few examples:

Case Studies

Automate Evacuation and Muster Protocols

Read the case study to learn how a gas plant decreased evacuation time by 70% with real time insights and increased productivity using Spot-r from Triax.

Help For a Lone Worker in Under 10 Minutes

A Fortune 500 agricultural company used the Spot-r Lone Worker solution to keep solitary workers connected. When a worker went into anaphylactic shock and couldn’t access his EpiPen, he was able to use his safety wearable to send an alert. Responders used our location services to detect his exact location, getting him life-saving help in just 10 minutes. 

See Our Solution In Action

Worksites Are Using Triax to Improve Worksite Safety Across Multiple Industries

Running a fast, efficient, and OSHA compliant (not approved) emergency protocol is easier and more effective when you have the right emergency management software.

Energy & Industrial Refineries



More Spot-r Use Cases for Industrial Sites

Learn more ways Triax can help you improve worksite safety, increase productivity, and decrease costs.

Labor Productivity

Obtain work-level data for operational insights that can help you pinpoint areas of concern, adapt schedules, and automate processes, resulting in improved efficiency.

Equipment Monitoring

Get the complete picture of your total onsite equipment utilization with real-time monitoring and tracking, which reduces costs and enhances your OEE.

Connected Worker

Give each worker a wearable safety device in order to keep them connected and protected, enhance communication, and decrease emergency response times.


Gain valuable insights regarding productivity limitations, streamline and schedule communication, and automatically generate reports for faster turnarounds.

Ready to See How Triax Can Improve Your Worksite Safety Measures?

As soon as you purchase our emergency management software, a dedicated Client Engagement Specialist (CES) will work alongside your field team throughout your new Triax solution’s setup, installation, and deployment. Contact us to learn more.