An IoT Workforce Optimization Platform Designed for the Power & Energy Industry

The power & energy industry is facing increasing pressure to maximize efficiency in their operations while staying cost-effective. Spot-r® helps you do that. 

Spot-r is an energy IIoT platform designed specifically for the power & energy industry that provides real-time visibility into personnel, equipment, and resources. 

With powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, companies can boost both labor productivity and workplace visibility, leading to improved job site safety and increased bottom-line profits.

An IoT Workforce Optimization Platform Designed for the Power & Energy Industry

Benefits of an IoT Platform for the Power and Energy Industries

The Spot-r Energy IoT platform is an all-in-one software and safety wearable solution revolutionizing the power and energy industry. 

Spot-r leverages wearables, AI, and computer vision to help organizations monitor hazardous areas, ensure proper access control, and respond quickly to emergencies. Spot-r also provides workforce monitoring features that give organizations unprecedented visibility into their worksites, dramatically streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Spot-r Addresses Workplace Concerns for the Power and Energy Industries

Monitor Workers Onsite Without Compromising Worker Privacy

With Spot-r’s discreet IoT tracking tags, worksite managers can gain valuable insights into workers’ movements, enabling them to identify trends, plan more efficiently, improve safety protocols, and cut costs. Unlike other methods of monitoring employee work patterns, Spot-r focuses on identifying work patterns that prevent productivity.

Automatic Analysis of Team Productivity Levels

Automated data-capturing capabilities enable energy and power companies to gain insight into their team’s productivity. By utilizing Spot-r’s real-time manpower tracking, check-in, and time and attendance automation systems, power and energy companies can identify the most efficient use of resources across the organization.

Better Asset Management with Real Time Equipment Monitoring

The Spot-r platform offers real-time tracking to monitor assets and equipment, so businesses can identify potential inefficiencies and streamline their operations. Spot-r IoT system also collects valuable data regarding utilization, location, maintenance history, and more that can help businesses make informed decisions about asset allocation

Spot-r Addresses Common Safety Issues in the Power & Energy Industry

Spot-r Addresses Common Safety Issues in the Power & Energy Industry

Safety is paramount in the power & energy industry. It’s essential that worksites can respond quickly to emergencies. But with hundreds of workers and pieces of equipment on power and energy worksites, it’s impossible to keep track of all potential hazards and lone workers effectively.

Spot-r is key to addressing this problem. Spot-r uses a network of low-cost sensor tags known as Clip Tags to monitor workers and equipment in real time. Tag Alerts inform users about hazardous conditions, such as lightning storms and other weather events that could put workers at risk. Spot-r provides real time monitoring to automatically locate a worker in danger and improves emergency response and mustering times by 70% or more

Spot-r’s real-time monitoring capabilities provide the following benefits in emergencies:

Receive Instant Notification of Any Slips, Trips & Falls

Spot-r’s Fall Detection technology allows workers to receive instant notification of any slips, trips, or falls they may experience while on the job. The technology includes a free-fall detection capability that quickly detects when a worker has fallen, sending an alert to their manager right away. Additionally, Spot-r gives workers the ability to generate injury alerts if they experience pain or discomfort after falling.

Provide Real Time Location Services & Project Zoning

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) allow companies to track their personnel in real time, ensuring safety and efficiency, with alert notifications for location changes or other hazards.

Project zoning is another powerful tool that provides an extra layer of security to the site by designating “zones” restricting unauthorized movement throughout the worksite.

Improve and Automate Facility Evacuation and Mustering Processes

Spot-r uses real-time location data collected from energy IoT wearables in combination with existing plan routes to help personnel quickly reach designated evacuation sites. The system also allows personnel to confirm their presence via app or device check-in at pre-designated outposts for verification.

Energy IoT Platform for the Power and Energy Industries

Increase Worksite Visibility through Safety Wearables and IoT Technology


Spot-r includes cutting-edge safety wearables and IoT technology that are revolutionizing the power and energy industries. Spot-r gives organizations unprecedented visibility into their worksites, dramatically streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Enhanced Workforce Safety

The Spot-r energy IoT platform enhances workforce safety with advanced labor monitoring. When workers wear Spot-r clips, managers receive two-way notifications in the event of a fall, slip, or other accident, and integrated emergency management software enables immediate site evacuation and mustering.

Geofenced Access Control

Spot-r instantly identifies workers and equipment entering or exiting any given area. This allows managers to easily track who enters and exits worksites, enabling them to maintain better security protocols and avoid costly fines and other penalties.

Equipment Monitoring

Spot-r equipment tags make it possible to see the exact locations of tools or equipment within the facility. Used in tandem with the geofencing feature, managers can receive alerts when unauthorized users get near specific equipment. This makes it easy to monitor which equipment is used regularly, so that you aren’t paying to rent equipment you don’t need.

Time on Tools Tracking

Spot-r offers powerful time-on-tool tracking capabilities. This advanced system lets managers remotely monitor how much time workers spend on specific tasks, so they can quickly identify areas for improvement or overspending.

See How Worley Improved Efficiency for Thousands of Temporary Workers

Managing a large team of contract workers for pre-turnaround work comes with a host of logistical challenges. By adopting the Spot-r platform, one power and energy contractor was able to identify pinch points and regain thousands of lost worker hours resulting in a faster turnaround at an INVISTA petrochemical plant in Texas.

Workers on an industrial site.

Ready to Implement IoT Technology in Your Power & Energy Facility?

Triax sets the standard for power and energy facilities looking to take advantage of the benefits of IIoT technology. With a suite of advanced features and customizable options, Spot-r provides an innovative platform to help you stay ahead of the competition.

To learn more about what Spot-r can do for your facility or request a demo, contact us today! You’ll be glad you did. With Spot-r’s comprehensive solutions, your power and energy facility will be better prepared than ever before.

Benefits of an IoT Platform for the Power and Energy Industries