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Optimize safety and operations leveraging the IIoT

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Spot-r® by Triax is a comprehensive solution that offers a bespoke blend of data collection safety devices, network, application, and insights to capture, synthesize, and act on field data.

How Triax is Different

The Safer, More Productive, Worksite of the Future has Arrived

Our first-of-its-kind connected worker platform, Spot-r®, uses a blend of durable, privacy-first IIoT devices – including wearable technology and AI powered computer vision cameras – to capture decision-grade data from your site in almost real time.  Through our local network, that data flows into our easy-to-use analytics platform, serving up the perspective you need to make better business decisions. Our secure safety wearables gather data only when workers are on your site, not when they leave. That’s great news for budgets and timelines everywhere.

Gain access to real-time worksite data, opening up true visibility into worker safety and productivity throughout your jobsite. Pinpoint bottlenecks, root out nonproductive time, understand where you can save on equipment rental, optimize evacuation and muster procedures—it’s all possible thanks to our innovative, people-centric technology and business expertise for IIoT.

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Identify worksite inefficiencies and track equipment usage to eliminate bottlenecks and other sources of nonproductive time. Know when you are paying for equipment you’re not using, so you can return it. Plus, view real-time manpower, automate check-ins and time and attendance, and analyze team productivity levels with our intelligent applications and digital twin capabilities.


Engineered for hazardous workplace environments, Spot-r® safety wearables allow you to know with pinpoint accuracy where everyone is on your site. Dispatch emergency responders, reduce muster times, monitor activity in no-go zones, decrease TRIR, enable 100-decibel evacuation alarms, identify real-time worker locations, automatically detect free-fall, trigger alerts for worker-generated injuries, incidents and hazards, and more.


Turn insights into environmental action by identifying opportunities to reduce waste and emissions throughout your worksite. Automate reporting for ESG compliance. With our digital twin capabilities and emergency alerts, you can identify opportunities to advance your ESG targets and make your worksite a safer place for both people and the planet.


Spot-r often pays for itself in ROI—and that’s just the beginning. You’ll quickly surface the trends impacting your KPIs and make targeted optimizations that move your business forward. For example, one client realized $750k in labor gains on a turnaround in just one quarter. Another saw $1.5M in labor gains by increasing time on tools. What could your savings look like? Get started with our ROI Calculator.

“Digital technology, like wearable devices and Spot-r, offer great potential to improve safety and productivity on worksites. But when technology like this is combined with our team’s intimate knowledge and experience of our customer’s site and workforce, the outcomes are transformational.”

Rahim Ghassemi, Business Manager, Worley

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