Improve Safety and Labor Productivity with the IIoT on Construction Worksites

Construction sites are dynamic, fast-paced, and filled with safety risks. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry accounted for half of the ten most frequently violated general safety standards in recent years. 

The demands of coordinating complex projects can be complicated for supervisors. Managing costs and optimizing resource utilization in the absence of data can be nearly impossible. 

Spot-r® eases the burden, offering state of the art IIoT in the construction industry. Get ready to gain unparalleled visibility and insights into the many moving parts of a construction business. Our technology uses sophisticated data capture and analytics, empowering leaders to optimize resources, mitigate safety risks, and improve project management.

What Is IIoT-Enabled Construction Safety Management?

Construction safety management includes all the processes that proactively identify hazards to improve job site safety. Meanwhile, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to using a suite of wearables, in-field devices, and software in order to achieve safe, effective site operations.

The focus of the Spot-r IIoT technology for construction sites is to keep workers safe and efficient, saving you time and money. Our construction safety management framework includes processes for monitoring the job site to detect mishaps, verifying workers follow safety protocols, and knowing when additional training is required.

Our software also improves labor productivity by automating many operations, such as employee check-in and check-out, evacuation protocols, and time on tool tracking.

Four key benefits of IIoT in Construction Site Management:

Customized Safety Policies

Leveraging the IIoT on construction sites with the Spot-r solution gives you complete visibility into your jobsite operations, day and night. Optimize your labor productivity and make sure every resource is utilized with real-time equipment monitoring that tracks worker movement, equipment utilization, and equipment movement.

Our IIoT for construction solution offers fast hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation, such as two-way alerts between on-site workers and off-site managers. The zone-based monitoring system can also be used to accommodate legal risks involved with unauthorized personnel. 

Real-Time Accident Notifications

Construction sites are dangerous environments. Another benefit of IIoT in construction safety management is the instantaneous fall detection technology embedded in each wearable used by your on site contractors. The Spot-r connected worker fall detection system notes any dangerous slips, falls, or other accidents as they happen – and automatically alerts a manager about the risk, whether a worker manually reports an injury or if the Triax wearable device has detected a potential fall.

In the case of an emergency, the Spot-r software makes it easy to quickly dispatch and share data with first responders. These features are invaluable for preventing injuries on loud construction sites where accidents may go unnoticed by others. 

24/7 Equipment Tracking

Equipment monitoring on a construction site is two-fold: it should be a part of your construction safety management protocol to ensure that only authorized workers operate certain pieces of equipment. But it’s also a reliable way to monitor equipment costs due underused machinery, tools, and equipment, as well as theft and vandalism. 

The Spot-r platform gives you 24/7, synchronous monitoring of your entire fleet of machinery and large pieces of equipment. Site supervisors can then use this information to improve equipment utilization and operate their site at the fullest capacity possible. 

Risk and Emergency Management

Spot-r makes it easy to evaluate all on-site protocols and quickly adapt to any new company, industry, or regulatory changes. The visibility offered by IIoT in the construction industry is essential for sites where equipment, conditions, and work crews change throughout the project.

In the case of an injury or other on-site emergency, our solutions offer automated and instantaneous sitewide evacuation and muster technology. Supervisors can now feel confident that they will be able to quickly and safely respond to hazardous situations.

Why Does the Construction Industry Need Labor Productivity and Safety Management Software?

Safely coordinating contractors, materials, and equipment against a budget and timeline requires tools that quickly and accurately capture data. The Spot-r suite is designed specifically to meet the needs of busy worksites.

Here’s How

Labor Forecasting

Construction labor productivity software gives supervisors data points such as worker time on site and time on tools. Understanding the actual productive labor hours performed each day gives them the ability to accurately forecast the time needed to reach project completion.

Equipment Management

Many construction sites manage a fleet of rental equipment on each site. By understanding the amount of productive uptime each piece of equipment experiences, site managers able to accurately predict rental times and control costs.

“We implemented Spot-r to help us improve our safety culture, and we were pleasantly surprised to see the many productivity benefits we received from the technology. By gaining valuable insight into how we can reduce downtime and increase productivity, and being able to measure progress, we are not only able to better manage operations and costs, but also improve our ability to complete projects on time and on budget.”

Casey Sullivan, Assistant Project Manager, AECOM Tishman

The Top Contractors in North America Rely on IIoT Solutions from Triax on their Construction Sites

Spot-r provides construction managers with valuable insights so they can ensure worksite safety, increase productivity, and automate time-consuming tasks.

Typical off-the-shelf network systems don’t cut it in a dynamic and constantly shifting construction environment. Triax is different.

Our rugged IIoT solution for construction sites includes data collection devices, practical network technology, and an intuitive dashboard to ensure complete visibility with real-time data capture and transmission — regardless of the environment.

Contractor Safety

Spot-r construction safety management software enhances worker safety through wearable location tracking technology that alerts managers if workers approach unsafe zones or areas for which they are not qualified.

Worker and Equipment Location

With resources spread across the jobsite (or across multiple sites), finding the right person or piece of equipment at the right time can be difficult. Spot-r’s tracking tags and wearables help supervisors spend less time searching a site and more time on billable hours.

Resource Utilization

Spot-r makes jobsite efficiency management easier. Supervisors get real-time data on equipment usage with IIoT on the construction site. This means that they can track usage, allocate unused equipment to other areas or sites, and decrease overall downtime.

Site Security

Zone-based geofencing capabilities allow Spot-r users to limit access to certain areas of a construction site. Our IIoT software instantly identifies different contractors and equipment entering or exiting a given area and notifies managers of any unauthorized workers on site.

How to Protect Workers and Prevent Accidents with Triax IIoT in Construction Sites

Our construction safety management software provides comprehensive real-time insights to help complex construction sites run safely. Spot-r supports your mission to send your workers home safely each day with:

Free Fall Detection Capabilities

OSHA reports that falls are the number one cause of death in construction. In 2020, 351 workers fell to a lower level out of 1,008 construction sites. Our IIoT software works in conjunction with wearables that are affixed to a worker’s hard hat or on their body. These devices instantly send an alert if the worker falls or is injured.

Contractor Authorization Monitoring

According to Triax data, an average of 46% of the time contractors bill for is spent in zones where they don’t have the proper certifications to do the work they’re contracted to do. Worker authorization monitoring tracks an individual’s proximity to equipment and sends an alert to management if they don’t have the proper, up-to-date certification or safety training needed.

Sitewide Evacuation Systems

Supervisors can initiate an alarm via the Spot-r two-way alert system. If an accident has been detected or the alarm has been manually triggered, each worker’s wearable will emit an emergency alarm and supervisors can quickly monitor worker headcount to ensure everyone reaches safety.

Improve your Construction Labor Productivity and Real-Time Visibility With Triax

Leveraging the IIoT on construction sites with the Spot-r solution gives you complete visibility into your jobsite operations, day and night. Optimize your labor productivity and make sure every resource is utilized with real-time equipment monitoring that tracks worker movement, equipment utilization, and equipment movement.

Let Us Help You Implement a Scalable Construction Safety Software

The Spot-r suite is an easy-to-implement software solution featuring trendsetting IoT technology for construction sites. It’s built to meet the demands of a growing construction operation, while staying simple enough for managers to intuitively understand.