Successfully Manage Turnarounds and Prevent Long Shutdowns

Managing industrial turnarounds and shutdowns can be difficult. A large influx of contract workers, combined with low visibility into both people and equipment present major roadblocks to productivity. This can lead to delayed turnaround times and longer shutdowns, resulting in huge costs and production losses.

The Spot-r® IIoT software is designed to mitigate your turnaround and shutdown concerns. It combines automation, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive analytics to improve every aspect of site management, helping refineries prevent delays and oversights. Focused on work-level data capture and insights, our IIoT platform helps managers stay agile, respond quickly to hazards or emergencies, and prioritize on-site safety—automatically and in real-time.

Let Spot-r help you realize a new level of efficiency, cost savings, and safety standards during a crucial time in your operations.

What are the Benefits of Implementing an IIoT Software Solution to Optimize Turnaround Time?

During a turnaround or shutdown, all or part of a site is taken out of service to perform necessary work that cannot be done during normal operations, temporarily causing a shift in the allocation of resources and hours available to conduct work. 

An efficient turnaround requires a detailed plan outlining the scope of work, the duration of the shutdown, the resources required, and the safety protocols that must be followed. The faster labor resources are able to complete these tasks, the quicker the site can resume normal operations.

Triax gives worksites all the visibility and analytics needed to decrease costs and increase efficiency. By leveraging the Spot-r IIoT software solution, site managers gain real-time visibility into all people and equipment that are onsite doing maintenance, repairs, upgrades, or other modifications. This creates a more connected site, assists with labor forecasting, improves equipment management, and helps you meet and maintain OSHA emergency preparedness requirements.

Spot-r gives you the data and analytics to effectively optimize turnarounds and shutdowns

Improved Safety

Sites see improved safety measures during turnarounds, decreased onsite injuries, and faster emergency response times with a two-way alert system, automatic fall detection, and automatic evacuation and mustering protocols.

Full-Scope Visibility

The Spot-r real-time monitoring leaves no part of your worksite overlooked, giving you actionable insights that can be used to improve the execution of a turnaround and decrease shutdown events and times. Improving time on tools and equipment by 10% could improve your worksite productivity by as much as 25%. Triax helps managers track labor productivity so that pinch points and barriers can be removed before they impact the overall project timeline and budget. 

Equipment Monitoring

Many turnarounds bring in large amounts of rental equipment that is underutilized. By leveraging Spot-r equipment tracking, clients are able to reduce their equipment rental needs by more than 30%. Triax helps turnaround managers track equipment usage, location, and status to ensure every asset is used at its highest capacity, or it isn’t rented. 

Post-Turnaround Reporting

Automate data collection and reporting before, during, and after industrial turnarounds and shutdowns to correct inefficiencies in real-time and improve communication. The Spot-r IIoT platform eliminates the need for many manual communications, processes, and reports.

Case Study

Learn How Worley Improved Efficiency for Thousands of Temporary Workers

Managing a large team of contract workers for pre-turnaround work comes with a host of logistical challenges. Triax helped one contractor identify pinch points and regain thousands of lost worker hours resulting in a faster turnaround at an INVISTA petrochemical plant in Texas.

Reveal Pinch Points

Spot-r wearable devices were initially used across 100 acres of the 1,000-acre worksite in order to improve safety measures. The Triax IIoT software helped quickly identify three huge opportunities to improve labor productivity. 

Improve Time & Cost Savings

Workers had long wait times in the toolroom, signing in and out of the control room, and getting on to the jobsite at the beginning of their shift. With Triax insights, they could hire the right staff, automate check-ins, and stagger shift start times to improve sitewide efficiency.

“Digital technology, like wearable devices and Spot-r, offer great potential to improve safety and productivity on worksites. But when technology like this is combined with our team’s intimate knowledge and experience of our customer’s site and workforce, the outcomes are transformational.”

Rahim Ghassemi, Business Manager at Worley

More Spot-r Use Cases for Turnarounds

Learn more ways Triax can help save money, increase productivity, and improve worker safety–during both turnarounds and regular operations.

Safety and Emergency Management

Enhance safety measures by implementing features such as two-way notifications, remote site security management, real-time fall detection, and automatic evacuation and muster protocols.

Equipment Monitoring

Unlock unparalleled visibility and real-time insights into equipment usage, resulting in cost savings and improved refinery productivity.

Connected Worker

Keep onsite workers safe during turnarounds, shutdown protocols, and normal operations with worker safety wearables and automated monitoring.

Labor Productivity

Identify pinch points, adjust schedules, and streamline operations in order to improve productivity in your refinery.

Ready to See How Triax Can Help During a Turnaround or Shutdown?

Sites are able to immediately realize the benefits of our Spot-r IIoT software after setup. Contact us today to get connected with a dedicated Client Success Specialist today, who will help with your IIoT setup, customization, and onsite implementation.