Triax Solutions: Optimize Your Worksite

Triax clients use the Spot-r® software to improve safety measures, productivity, and profitability across a range of industrial site operations. Learn more about the industries we serve and get real-world examples of how our IIoT platform could improve your worksite.

Industries We Serve:


Triax gives worksite leaders real-time data into operations for oil, gas, and chemical companies.


Manage hazardous worksites with enhanced communication, productivity, and safety measures.


Streamline workflows, oversee contractors, control access, and optimize equipment and resource allocation.

And Many More

Spot-r is a powerful and robust IIoT platform designed to work on any type of industrial worksite.

Transforming How the Toughest Industries Operate

Triax is on a mission to enable industrial sites to become safer, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable by putting real-time, actionable data to work. By prioritizing people-centered solutions, we are committed to enhancing safety and productivity across a wide range of industrial sites.

“Digital technology, like wearable devices and Spot-r, offer great potential to improve safety and productivity on worksites. But when technology like this is combined with our team’s intimate knowledge and experience of our customer’s site and workforce, the outcomes are transformational.”

Rahim Ghassemi, Business Manager, Worley

Empowering Worksites with Proven Results

The Spot-r IIoT platform gives managers access to hard-to-capture data, offering a truly unique solution that helps you make better business decisions. See how different industries leverage Triax technology to optimize their worksites.

See The Triax Industrial Site Software In Action

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