Transform Your Operations with Labor Productivity Solutions for a Smarter, More Connected Worksite

Industrial worksites are full of productivity losses for a myriad of reasons. Low visibility into your day-to-day operations on the level where work takes place can leave pinch points unidentified. A large influx of contract workers and rental equipment can present bottlenecks that didn’t previously exist. Constantly moving pieces, people and parts on a site means that agility to update daily operations is no longer an optional luxury.

The Spot-r® IIoT labor platform quantifies productivity losses and turns them into into opportunities with features that connect managers to each part of a site, in real time. Unlocking elusive site-wide visibility, it provides hard-to-capture data and presents actionable analytics for the most comprehensive worksite optimization software available.

Spot-r® gives site managers the critical visibility they need to optimize operations. Quickly learn when (and where) labor productivity is suffering  and where bottlenecks are occurring with full site visibility at the level where the work takes place.

How Productive is Your Worksite?

Triax clients are often able to increase time-on-tools by an average of 10% within the first quarter. In many cases, this represents a productivity gain of 25% or more, translating into millions of dollars that can be reallocated within a worksite.

Labor productivity is measured by the amount of work or products produced (the output) compared to the amount of effort, hours, money, or people needed to produce the output. In order to fully optimize operations, industrial sites have the challenge of increasing labor productivity without compromising worker safety.

Learn how you can use jobsite efficiency software from Traix to recapture lost hours, shift schedules, and make changes to your worksite by automatically identifying unproductive areas, sectors, and zones.

Spot-r gives you the tools to optimize worksite labor productivity

Real-Time Monitoring

Spot-r uses in-field computer vision combined with safety wearables that provide real-time location data sitewide, giving you the ability to quickly identify downtimes and emergencies – and improve your overall labor efficiency variance.

Performance Dashboards

Spot-r automates your work-level data collection and compiles it into one intuitive, easy-to-use labor productivity dashboard. Customizable reporting tools let you track and measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most, helping you get the most out of your jobsite efficiency software.

Worker Safety

Decreasing safety liabilities protects your workers and your labor productivity metrics. Real-time monitoring helps managers maintain worker safety and automatically deploy emergency protocols, saving time when it matters most.

Data-Driven Automation

Track, compile and automate many different data points in real-time. The automation features in the Spot-r IIoT platform eliminate the need for many manual communications, processes, and reports with in-field workers and off-site management.

Case Study

Learn How Worley Improved Efficiency for Thousands of Temporary Workers

Managing a large team of workers for pre-turnaround work comes with a host of logistical challenges. Triax helped one contractor identify pinch points and regain thousands  of lost worker hours resulting in or a faster turnaround at an INVISTA petrochemical plant in Texas.

Reveal Pinch Points

Spot-r wearable devices were initially used across 100 acres of the 1,000-acre worksite in order to improve safety measures. The Triax IIoT software helped quickly identify three huge opportunities to improve labor productivity. 

Improve Time & Cost Savings

Workers had long wait times in the toolroom, signing in and out of the control room, and getting on to the jobsite at the beginning of their shift. With Triax insights, they were able to hire more staff, automate check-ins, and stagger shift start times to improve sitewide efficiency.

“Spot-r Wearable devices enabled this process to be automated so that our workers could move freely in and out of the units. It was a huge time saving for our people.”

Kim McAllister, Solutions and Technology Lead, Worley

See Our Solution In Action

Worksites Are Using Triax to Improve Labor Productivity Across Multiple Industries

Jobsite efficiency management is easier and more effective on any industrial site when you have real-time visibility and smart automation.

Chemical, oil, and gas



More Spot-r Use Cases for Industrial Sites

Learn more ways Triax can help you save money, increase productivity, and improve worker safety.

Safety and Emergency Management

Improve safety measures with two-way alerts, access control, real-time fall detection, and automatic evacuation and muster protocols.

Equipment Monitoring

Get complete visibility into equipment utilization across your site to return or repurpose items that are under utilized. 

Connected Worker

Make sure everyone on your site is connected and protected with our IIoT software and safety wearables.


Get insights about productivity constraints, schedule communication, automatically generate reports, and improve the execution of your site shutdowns.

Ready to See How Triax Can Help During a Refinery Turnaround or Shutdown?

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