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5 IoT Worksite Myths Busted

Embrace the future of work with the benefits of IoT and a connected workforce. In this eBook, we dispel misunderstandings about workplace IoT solutions and uncover the many ways in which IoT can improve labor productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

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Wearable Tech Transforms Plant Project Efficiency

Download this case study to learn how Triax® helped a petrochemical plant identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency during a pre-turnaround.

Featured Case Study

Evacuation & Muster Automation Case Study

Learn how one gas plant updated safety protocols and decreased evacuation and muster times by 70% through automation after repeatedly failing safety audits.

Proximity Trace in Action

The main device of Proximity Trace, the TraceTag™, is affixed to any hardhat or worn on the body for proximity […]

Spot-r Radius Overview Video

Easy to install yet powerful in its capabilities, Spot-r Radius improves worker safety with preventative alerts and proactive feedback, provides […]