Optimized Resource Management and Worksite Safety with the IIoT for the Mining Industry

Boost worksite visibility and labor productivity across your entire workforce with our state of the art IIoT technology solutions. 

In the mining industry, having effective, quick-response safety measures and real-time monitoring on labor and equipment resources is paramount to an efficient site. However, accurate data and reporting can be difficult with a large workforce, multiple worksites, and numerous equipment fleets.

Triax solves the data-capture needs of modern worksites with Spot-r®, a leading IoT solution for the mining industry. Our solutions help companies and site managers collect invaluable real-time data insights that may otherwise be lost.

Benefits of IIoT for the Mining Industry

In mining, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses a suite of in-field and wearable devices coupled with state-of-the art software in order to improve safety measures and achieve site efficiency.

Our IoT mining devices and AI software solutions help supervisors evaluate and optimize overhead costs per site as well as monitor labor and equipment access with zone-based, real-time location services (RTLS). The result is better worker safety, improved productivity, continuous equipment utilization reporting, and automatic reporting.

How Spot-r helps improve your mining operations:

Improved Site Security

Mining is a dangerous industry. And effectively monitoring a large workforce and equipment fleet is notoriously difficult.

Our solutions feature zoned-based, in-field tracking of both people and property. It immediately recognizes when an individual enters a given work zone or gets near a piece of equipment, alerting management and/or restricting access based on that person’s authorization.

Our IIoT for the mining industry is built on a foundation of real-time tracking and two-way alerts that make it easier than ever to improve labor productivity and security measures in the field.

Enhanced Worker Safety

The access-control and connected worker features of our IoT mining technology allows you to take a proactive approach to worker safety – even in the most hazardous areas of your worksite. 

Meanwhile, the Spot-r lone worker and real-time fall detection system means that you can automatically deploy an emergency safety protocol if and when an accident does happen. Supervisors will be notified if a worker slips, falls, or uses the two-way alert system on their wearables, drastically decreasing the time between an accident and emergency dispatch.

Automated Evacuation Preparedness

Improve your emergency response system with real-time safety check-ins and automated sitewide evacuation and muster technology. Instantaneous alerts increase response times, which can help decrease the severity of an accident and can prevent additional injuries.

Triax clients have improved evacuation and muster times exponentially with the Spot-r IIoT for the mining industry. By enabling automated safety alerts and evacuation alarms, we have seen examples of full site evacuation and clearance of dangerous areas in less than 10 minutes. 

Optimized Equipment Management

Improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness KPIs and obtain visibility into managed and rented equipment usage with real-time monitoring. Site supervisors and managers will gain access to insights like total equipment utilization, time on tool, which workers used which pieces of equipment, and alert notifications if unauthorized personnel enter the equipment zone. 

Smart management of both equipment and labor productivity in mines is critical to running a safe, effective, and profitable operation – and Spot-r IIoT for the mining industry is the platform that enables it. 

Using the IIoT for the Mining Industry Decreases Site Costs

With accurate, real-time data delivery Spot-r eliminates the middleman in many day-to-day mine operations. Managers can focus on boosting labor productivity and optimizing resource management without cutting corners or compromising safety.

Here’s How

On-Site Accident Reduction

Better safety measures reduce costly accidents, site closures, and equipment shut-downs. Worksites that deploy Spot-r safety features have seen as much as a 60% reduction in injury claims and a 10% increase of equipment utilization.

Workstation Efficiency Scoring

Data gleaned from the Spot-r IIoT is designed for mining industry operations. Managers can get clear numbers like worker time in a given zone, time on tool, peak operation hours, and more. This empowers them to make cost-saving changes for future shifts.

How Spot-r is Different

Top Mining Operators Trust Triax In Order to Improve Worksite Productivity and Safety Management

Spot-r helps bridge the gap between in-field workers and off-site management, creating a safer, more productive workforce in the process.

Our mining solutions include a suite of products and software that include real-time data capture from safety wearables and computerized vision AI, along with customizable safety alert settings, and an intuitive visualization dashboard.

Hazardous Area Monitoring

Spot-r’s mining IoT platform helps enforce safety and security measures by providing zone-specific monitoring via on-site devices and safety wearables. 

Site supervisors and managers can keep their eyes on the entire operation at once with Spot-r technology. They can also review historical data on any given area, piece of equipment, or worker in order to make decisions that could reduce hazards in the future.

Workforce Safety Measures

Spot-r IIoT for the mining industry helps enforce safety and security measures by providing real-time worker data. The platform has been shown to increase injury response times by 91% and evacuation and muster times by 72%.

Spot-r dashboard helps you stay on top of worker labor risk indicators and behavior analytics to keep everyone safe. And if accidents do occur, workers can alert supervisors or an entire worksite to injuries or dangerous situations at the push of a button.

Equipment Monitoring

Optimize big-ticket equipment expenditures with our IIoT for the mining industry, offering you unparalleled visibility into which pieces of equipment are being used the most, by whom, and when. 

With 24/7 real-time monitoring of your equipment fleet you can boost your preventative safety measures, decrease the likelihood of misuse, theft, or vandalism, and operate as close to full capacity as possible at all times.

Encrypted Data Syncing

Spot-r eliminates the pain points of collecting real-time data in the field. There’s no need to input information manually or work with siloed data across systems. Our IIoT for the mining industry automatically collects and transmits data to your billing, project management, and contractor management systems. 

The Triax platform uses simultaneous inputs from location services, equipment tags, safety wearables, and AI technology in order to collect actionable data in one accessible dashboard. All your worksite data is also encrypted for additional data security.

Ready to Start Your Mining Operations’ Digital Transformation?

The Triax IIoT solution for the mining industry is revolutionizing the way mines operate. Learn how two of our main solutions have helped improve worker safety and boost productivity on industrial worksites just like yours.

How Equipment Tracking Equals Labor Productivity

INVISTA saved $1.5 million in labor costs by identifying underutilized equipment and poor labor productivity during a turnaround. The company was able to identify inefficiencies and quickly know where changes needed to be made in order to reduce idle times.

How an IIoT solution helps mining in an emergency

A plant in Texas used the Spot-r emergency preparedness features. By quickly deploying emergency alerts and understanding where all their workers were when danger arose, they also realized impressive evacuation and muster times. They reduced time to safety by more than 70%.

How Technology Transforms Mining

Insights provided by our solution in the mining industry helps companies and decision-makers reduce equipment and site downtime, decrease overhead expenses, and improve productivity. With a focus on improving your bottom line, Spot-r is the perfect way to jumpstart your mining operation’s digital transformation.

Deploy Spot-r for Scalable Efficiency and Safety Measures

Let us show you how Triax leverages the industrial internet of things to transform the mining industry’s efficiency, safety, and profit margins all in one simple-to-use platform.