Triax Use Cases

Driving Greater Safety, Visibility, Productivity, and Efficiency

The Spot-r® labor productivity platform is transforming industrial worksites across a range of capabilities. From improving worksite safety measures to maximizing productivity and equipment utilization, the outcomes of having our software implemented on your worksite are highly measurable and directly impact your operation’s profitability.

Worksite Safety and Emergency Management

Triax clients are able to dramatically improve their emergency response times. From automating evacuation and muster protocols to automatic fall detection, worker monitoring, and a two-way alert system, the Spot-r IIoT platform also helps managers control access to hazardous areas, reducing worksite liabilities and injuries.

Labor Productivity

Our cutting-edge IIoT platform revolutionizes labor productivity by providing real-time insights into worker and equipment activity on industrial sites. With continuous visibility into operations, managers can identify inefficiencies, adjust work shifts, and optimize workflows.

Equipment Monitoring and Utilization

Triax helps industrial worksites manage assets and streamline their on-site expenses with the Spot-r equipment utilization features. Quickly identify which machinery or equipment is being underutilized in order to increase productivity and profitability.

Connected Worker

Paired with in-field safety wearables and tags, the Spot-r IIoT software connects and protects everyone on a worksite. Our technology offers outstanding, real-time visibility into each person’s activity in each part of a given site, improving communication, productivity, and safety.


Decrease downtime on your worksite with the Spot-r features that assist during turnarounds. Our clients are able to leverage Spot-r software data to pinpoint productivity bottlenecks, schedule communication, complete reporting, and improve the execution of site shutdowns.

Top Industries Triax Serves

The Spot-r use cases are applicable to a range of industrial worksites, including mines, refineries, construction sites, and more. To see a specific implementation of our features, select your industry from the list below.

Chemical, Oil, and Gas



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