Digital Twin Technology for your Worksite with Spot-r®

It can be hard to track physical equipment on a worksite. For example, it’s difficult to predict what will happen to your equipment in worst-case scenarios.

As digital twin technology continues to gain traction, it’s transforming many industries by providing a powerful digital representation of their physical assets.

Spot-r® digital twin software from Triax Technologies offers a comprehensive digital twin solution for industrial worksites. It provides real-time monitoring and tracking of equipment, personnel, and safety protocols to enhance worksite efficiency, lower costs, and reduce safety-related claims.

Spot-r IoT Digital Twin solutions connect individual workers and their equipment for a fully connected worksite. 

Our integrated digital twin software, coupled with wearable devices and AI-powered camera technology, gives worksite managers eyes on all operations, in almost real-time. With Spot-r’s customizable dashboard, managers are able to identify areas of inefficiency and make necessary changes to optimize the process. Additionally, it allows for automatic alerts when safety protocols are not being followed or machines aren’t running optimally.

Industrial sites using Spot-r are able to dramatically improve labor productivity, decrease evacuation and muster times, reduce unused equipment costs, and lower operational costs. Discover the power of real-time worksite visibility with Spot-r.

Cut Unnecessary Costs Across Worksites with Spot-r Digital Twin Technology:

Reduce Underutilized Equipment Costs

Spot-r can help you mitigate hidden costs relating to underutilized equipment. Using Spot-r’s in-field devices, managers have visibility into all equipment utilization metrics, including utilization rate, OEE, and downtime Spot-r then provides recommendations for optimizing your equipment usage and reducing equipment downtime. We often save our clients 30% or more on under-utilized fleets returning six and seven figure savings to their site.

Real-time Location Monitoring & Cost-Saving Insights

With Spot-r digital twin technology, you can understand what’s happening on your job site and where, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. You can use these insights to improve operations, find productivity bottlenecks, and mitigate future risks.

Reduced Liability and Greater Worker Safety

When minutes can mean the difference between life and death, having accurate location data becomes invaluable. Issuing Spot-r safety wearables for your workforce gives you accurate location data to dispatch first responders right away. Spot-r’s advanced monitoring and tracking features can locate lone workers in seconds in the event of an emergency, greatly reducing the risk of worker injury and liability costs.

Case Study

How Worksites Are Using Spot-r Digital Twin Technology

Worksites are able to take immediate action to realize productivity gains and optimize their operations after implementing our digital twin technology. Here are two outcomes achieved by two Triax clients.

Improved Mustering Times by 72%

Without automation, evacuating all workers from a worksite safely and quickly is very difficult. One gas plant was experiencing higher-than-average evacuation and mustering times, leading to worker safety issues. By adopting Spot-r, they were able to improve mustering and evacuation times by 72%!

Regained Thousands of Hours in Lost Productivity

Worley was able to drastically improve worker safety and labor productivity with Spot-r. Spot-r revealed that workers were spending a lot of time waiting in three specific locations of the worksite. The team automated and optimized those areas, allowing them to improve efficiency during pre-turnaround.

Digital Twin

“By gaining valuable insight into how we can reduce downtime and increase productivity, and being able to measure our progress, we are not only able to better manage operations and costs, but also improve our ability to complete projects on time and on budget.” 

-Casey Sullivan, Assistant Project Manager, AECOM Tishman

Worksites Are Using Triax to Improve Labor Productivity Across Multiple Industries

Jobsite efficiency management is easier and more effective on any industrial site when you have real-time visibility and smart automation.

Chemical, oil, and gas



More Spot-r Use Cases for Industrial Sites

Learn more ways Triax can help you save money, increase productivity, and improve worker safety.

Safety and Emergency Management

Improve safety measures with two-way alerts, access control, real-time fall detection, and automatic evacuation and muster protocols.

Equipment Monitoring

Get complete visibility into equipment utilization across your site to return or repurpose items that are under utilized. 

Connected Worker

Make sure everyone on your site is connected and protected with our IIoT software and safety wearables.


Get insights about productivity constraints, schedule communication, automatically generate reports, and improve the execution of your site shutdowns.

Ready to Decrease Equipment Costs and Improve Your Worksite Efficiency?

By utilizing IoT digital twin solutions, companies can decrease equipment costs and improve efficiency by identifying potential issues before they occur. This technology also allows for the integration of artificial intelligence, further enhancing the capabilities of digital twins.

Spot-r makes it easy to get started with digital twin technology. Book a demo of Spot-r today and start optimizing your industrial worksite operations.