Optimize Your Worksite Efficiency with Improved Equipment Utilization and Tracking

Round-the-clock equipment monitoring can be challenging. Spot-r®, the equipment productivity platform from Triax, can help you mitigate hidden costs relating to underutilized equipment. We often save our clients 30% or more on under-utilized fleets returning six and seven figure savings to their site. Many clients are overbilled by their equipment rental partner by 20% or more. Without good data, there’s no way to refute these charges. Whether rented or owned, you need real-time analytics and monitoring to best optimize your worksite resources. 

Spot-r® is one of the first all-in-one IIoT platforms with more than just workers and safety wearables in mind. Our equipment utilization features help industrial sites save money and improve efficiency with physical assets, too. 

How Spot-r Equipment Management Software is Improving Worksite Operations

A lack of visibility into the day-to-day operations of your industrial site makes it difficult to measure equipment performance, utilization, and efficiency. Triax is committed to designing a suite of solutions that eliminate these problems.

Use Cases

Equipment Cost Savings

Worksites can decrease equipment costs in multiple ways. We don’t want you to cut corners on the quality of machinery and parts used. Rather, we deliver the data points you need to ensure every piece of equipment on a site is accounted for and that any unneeded or underutilized assets can be returned or removed from the premises.

Worksite Productivity

With Spot-r, worksite managers are able to adjust the schedules of their heavy machinery operators to ensure all on-site assets are used as near to max capacity as possible. This stops productivity slow-downs and removes liabilities caused by having too many pieces of costly, unused machinery near workers.

What is Equipment Utilization for Worksites?

By monitoring usage of equipment on a job site (both rented and owned), Triax clients are often able to reduce their equipment related expenses by 30% or more.

Equipment utilization defines how much time each piece of equipment or machinery on a given worksite is used – or how all pieces of equipment across multiple sites are used. Triax takes worksite data collection even further, giving managers full visibility into real-time usage, equipment downtimes, and authorized users within one intuitive dashboard.

Learn how you can use our IIoT equipment management software to run a leaner operation by targeting one of your biggest expenditures: equipment. 

Spot-r reduces costs across multiple worksite functions

Real-Time Monitoring

Optimize equipment utilization with accurate, continuous monitoring of all assets on your worksite via in-field devices. The Spor-r equipment management software ensures that scheduling workers, requesting repairs, and moving assets to other sites has never been easier.

Minimized Downtimes

Effective equipment tracking helps you identify downtimes as they happen. Triax also helps you predict and prevent future downtimes, increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and worker productivity in tandem.

Improved Safety

Equipment utilization and tracking improve jobsite safety by ensuring workers are only using the equipment they are authorized to operate, with alerts when unauthorized personnel are near specific equipment or when equipment has left a designated zone.

Informed Decisions

Get equipment tracking reports that were previously unavailable. Measure and adhere to equipment utilization percentages, use them to get real insight into true on-site costs and project equipment costs on future projects with ease.


Worksites Are Using Triax to Improve Equipment Utilization Across Multiple Industries

Our equipment tracking capabilities offer unprecedented visibility and a range of customizable alerts that can be modified to fit the specific needs of any industrial worksite.

Chemical, oil, and gas


More Spot-r Use Cases for Industrial Sites

Learn more ways Triax can help you save money, increase productivity, and improve worker safety.

Safety and Emergency Management

Significantly enhance safety measures and emergency response times with Spot-r two-way alerts, access controls, real-time fall detection, and more.

Labor Productivity

Get visibility into all worker activity to pinpoint inefficiencies, modify schedules, and streamline workflows for more efficiency.

Connected Worker

Combined with safety wearables and tags, the Spot-r IIoT software instantaneously links and safeguards every individual on a worksite.


Identify productivity constraints, schedule communication, generate reports, and enhance the execution of site shutdowns.

Ready to Decrease Equipment Costs and Improve Your Worksite Efficiency?

Triax makes it easy to get started with simple setup instructions, an intuitive data dashboard, and customizable equipment utilization settings. Contact us to get connected to your dedicated Client Success Specialist today.