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Triax has a range of applications for industrial worksites. Browse the IIoT case studies below to learn how Triax clients have successfully used our solutions to transform their worksites into safer, more productive, and more profitable operations.

Featured Case Study

Wearable Tech Transforms Plant Project Efficiency

Download this case study to learn how Triax® helped a petrochemical plant identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency during a pre-turnaround.

Featured Case Study

Lone Worker

When a team member slipped into anaphylaxis, he was able to leverage his connected worker safety wearable to dispatch help in less than 10 minutes.

Featured Case Study

Evacuation & Muster Automation Case Study

Learn how one gas plant updated safety protocols and decreased evacuation and muster times by 70% through automation after repeatedly failing safety audits.

Lone Worker Safety with Spot-r

Workers who are isolated from other people on a job site—security staff, lone workers, and specialists with jobs in hazardous areas—are especially at risk of injury or sudden accident and represent a challenge to existing safety protocols.

Worker Productivity with Spot-r

Turnstiles have proven to be an ineffective way to track workers. It does not account for groups in vehicles, missing check-ins, and in the case of shared contractors in divested sites, knowing who exactly is working for what company, what work they’re doing, and if they’re being productive.

Evacuation Muster

Every job site is required to have a plan for how to evacuate in case of emergency & muster all […]

Top Industries We Serve

From heavy industrial sites to mining operations case studies, you’ll see our IIoT solutions at work in multiple different use cases across several industries. Triax helps worksites become safer and more productive which, in turn, also saves them money on equipment, labor, injury claims, and other inefficiencies.

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The solution your worksite needs isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why our IIoT case studies highlight specific scenarios and call out ways our clients have customized the Spot-r software to their unique needs. Our experienced team is happy to work with you, too, to ensure you can maximize all available features and customizations for your operation.

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